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New audio system turns your lights into speakers

luminorthumblamp speakers

Scott has introduced a new wireless multi-room audio system that’s literally as easy to install as a light bulb.

That’s because the new Luminor Sound and Light Wireless System turns your existing lamp and light fixtures into a powerful wireless speaker and LED light.

The Scott system also includes a iPod/iPhone dock to wirelessly connect to up to seven LED lamp speakers to enjoy music in multiple rooms in a unique way.  

The system automatically detects additional LED lamp speakers and switched to stereo mode.

Users can also add an SBX 10 wireless subwoofer to create a complete high quality audio solution.

The dock can also connect other MP3 players, USB devices, SD cards as well as a PC, Mac or gaming console.

The Scott Luminor Sound and Light Wireless System provides a unique way to listen to music

Users can choose to have their LED Lamps on their ceiling light fixtures or in their lamps.

The Scott Luminor Sound and Light Wireless System is a cheaper and more convenient alternative to in-ceiling speakers which needs to be professionally installed.

Each LED lamp speaker a semi transparent cover with a metal grille covering the speaker. Each has a 2.25-inch full range speaker with an output power of 20W.


The energy-efficient solution provides the brightness of up 85 white LED lights and is rated to last more than 15 years.

The included remote control allows users to not only have full control of their music but also full control of the lights with a dimmer function.

The Scott Luminor Sound and Light Wireless System is distributed in Australia by Audion and is available now from selected retailers.

It is priced at $249.95 which includes the iPod/iPhone dock and one LED lamp speaker. Additional LED lamp speakers and the wireless subwoofer can be purchased separately.

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