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Naim and Focal partner with Bentley to engineer prestigious audio products

The prestigious Bentley brand has created a partnership with audio companies Naim and Focal which will provide exceptional music for audio lovers whether they driving in luxury in a Bentley or listening at home.

Naim Audio and Focal’s engineers teamed up with Bentley’s engineers to create an in-car experience, a wireless streaming system and a pair of headphones.

And in doing so they have brought together 88 years of combined audio expertise to come up with class-leading quality.

The Naim Mu-so for Bentley Special Edition wireless speaker system and Focal for Bentley Radiance headphones are the results of this collaboration and form part of the Bentley collection.

Both products feature Bentley’s trademark design cues including a lattice pattern which is inspired by Bentley’s iconic diamond seat quilting and headlight designs.

“Bentley, Naim and Focal share an enthusiasm for innovation, dedication to engineering excellence and a true passion that drives our respective areas of expertise,” says Charlie Henderson, Managing Director of Naim Audio.

“There is also a collective desire to honour proudly held heritage principles, blending them with cutting-edge technologies to define new benchmarks in premium performance and customer experience,”

Chris Craft, Member of the Board: Sales and Marketing at Bentley Motors said: “Bentley and Naim are celebrating the 12th year of a successful partnership founded on unrivalled quality and a passion to create the ultimate customer experience.

“The world’s most powerful in-car sound system available in the market heightens Bentley’s extraordinary drive with music that speaks to the heart.

“The new Mu-so system extends that experience and enjoyment from our cars to the home, delivering peerless sound performance and enhancing the lifestyle of Bentley’s discerning customers.”


The Naim award-winning Mu-so second-generation wireless speaker system blends audio expertise with the latest music-streaming technology and build quality so it can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a multi-room system.

The Special Edition is the first to include a wood finish. It is crafted from Ayous – a sustainable African hardwood.

The system also includes a smoked plinth, copper threaded speaker grille and the signature lattice design surround a volume dial that illuminates to the touch.


The Radiance headphones were created and developer in France and have a close back design which includes a combination of Focal’s best technologies and high-quality materials. With the same sonic signature as the Naim Mu-so, the Focal for Bentley Radiance headphones offer quality you can enjoy anywhere.

The Radiance earcups are finished with soft, breathable Pittards glove leather to offer added comfort. This crafting leather has been used since 1826 from everyone from yacht racers and the military. Spitfire pilots wore Pittards gloves.

Other Bentley styling includes copper accents and the recurring lattice pattern which is showcased on the outside of the earcups.

Naim Mu-so Special Edition and Focal for Bentley Radiance will be available in October from Busisoft AV and its authorized dealers.