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Laser’s digital radio the first to include AM tuner

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Digital radios are selling well in Australia and the coverage of the service is spreading steadily.

Laser, manufacturer of IT and electronics accessories, has launched a new digital radio – the DG200AM.

But the Laser device has one major difference.  It is the first to include an AM tuner alongside the usual FM and digital tuner.  

And while digital radio has its benefits including clearer reception and scrolling information from the station it won’t work at all outside the regular digital broadcast areas.

That’s where the AM and FM tuner come into play – literally.

Most other digital radios also contain an FM tuner but the addition of the AM tuner with the Laser DG200AM means listeners can still have access to their favourite AM stations when digital signal for the same station is unavailable.

It is small, easily portable device and measures only 20cm x 17cm and 7.5cm thick.

The DG200AM DAB+ digital/analogue radio has a backlit LCD screen which can display the name of the track and the artist .

Users can also set up 20 of their favourite AM, FM and digital stations as presets.

The Laser DG200AM is the first digital radio to include an AM tuner as well as the usual FM and digital tuner

“The uptake of DAB is progressing steadily with digital radio coverage in major capital cities across Australia. It still however leaves a large percentage of the population without full DAB+ reception,” says Chris Lau, managing director of Laser Corporation.

“Laser developed the DG200AM to cater to a wider society, for listeners that still don’t have digital radio coverage, as well as listeners that miss their AM radio.

“According to Digital Radio Plus, there are no plans to switch off AM and FM radio services just yet, so the DG200AM offers an ideal and inexpensive all-in-one solution for radio fans.”

The Laser DG200AM is available now and is priced at $99.95.