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FlowSongs lets you buy music using your radio

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Radio usually gives us our first exposure to new music. So wouldn’t it be good if there was a way we could buy the songs we like when we hear them?

Well now there is. Digital radio manufacturer Pure announced a new service called FlowSongs which will go live in May.

FlowSongs allows listeners to tag the songs they like which are playing on a Pure digital radio with built-in Flow Technology and buy them.  

Radio is a popular medium with 90 per cent of Australians listening to radio every week for 11 hours on average.

More than 700,000 of these listen using a digital radio.

Listeners who hear a song they like on digital, FM or internet radio can tag and then buy it with a press of button with no need to switch on their computer.

These tracks can them be streamed on demand to the Flow Technology device.

Purchased songs can also be downloaded in a high quality MP3 format to a Mac or PC computer to add to your collection.

The Pure ONE Flow allows users to buy music using FlowSongs

A key additional component to this service is a new online music portal called The Lounge which is a great place to hear and discover new music or all of your favourites.

Users can buy music and manage playlists from The Lounge. This is also where you can see and download  the songs which have been tagged and purchased using FlowSongs on your Flow Technology compatible device.

“The start of an exciting journey for PURE and our customers, FlowSongs is a unique and easy-to-use cloud-based music service that delivers a bridge between radio, which is the most popular way of discovering new music, and the ability to own that music,” says Graeme Redman, managing director of PURE Australasia.

The Lounge - an online music portal to hear and buy music and manage a FlowSongs account

The new FlowSongs service will be seen on eight radios in the PURE range including the Sensia, Contour, Avanta Flow, ONE Flow, Oasis Flow, Siesta Flow, Evoke Flow and the soon-to-be released Sirocco550 along with future models.

To access the FlowSongs service users just need to register their Flow radio on The Lounge and then open an account.

There is no limit to the amount of tracks a person can tag and buy as long there as enough credit in their account.

FlowSongs is already available in the UK and has received tremendous support form the music industry.

“This FlowSongs music service sows all the same seeds of success that YouTube offered back in the summer of 2006 by giving the fan instant gratification,” says Will Page, chief economist at PRS (UK) for Music.

“You hear it, like it and now you can buy it. It’s a truly remarkable step forward in the digital convergence story as well, making it easier for music fans to purchase what they are exposed to as well as ensuring the songwriter and artist gets paid.”


Song prices are in line with the Australian market rates but depends on the song’s publisher.

FlowSongs and the online music store and services will be available from next month.