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Bose releases SleepBuds II noise-masking earbuds – a year after discontinuing the original

Bose has announced the new and improved SleepBuds II to help people fall asleep faster – a year after the first version was discontinued because it didn’t meet company standards.

The wearable technology looks like wire-free earphones and use noise masking technology to block, cover and replace the ambient distractions including a snoring partner, neighbours, barking dogs and traffic.

Bose has engineered the SleepBuds II with a new acoustic and electronic design with proprietary ear tips for a secure and comfortable fit.

Bose Sleepbuds II have improved noise management, acoustics, psychoacoustics, and electronic miniaturization.

Each bud is a just 6.3mm deep to avoid irritating contact when your head is resting on a pillow, even on your side.

A new anti-friction coating also masks each enclosure to avoid “squeaking” against fabric.

It also has a new etched antenna which offers a more reliable phone and tablet connection using low-energy Bluetooth.

Priced at $379.95, the Bose SleepBuds II have been clinically proven, by the Colorado Anshutz Medical Campus and the UCHealth CARE Innovation Center, to help people fall asleep faster.

The study found that 100 per cent or participants confirmed the Bose noise-masking technology worked to cover the common disturbances that usually keep them up at night.

And 76 per cent said it helped them stay asleep with 86 per cent saying it helped them fall asleep faster.

The companion Bose Sleep App allows users to set alarms, adjust the volume and offers 14 noise-masking tracks.

“Bose Sleepbuds II use advancements in our proprietary noise masking technology because covering sound — not cancelling it — is a better solution for sleeping,” said Steve Romine, head of the Bose Health Division.

“You can’t duplicate the experience combining earbuds with apps, playing your music louder, or using earplugs and bedside machines — so millions of people are still suffering. “We never gave up on helping them, and that’s why we’re so excited about Sleepbuds II. “They ‘quiet’ more of the low frequencies found in the biggest threats to a peaceful bedroom — like snoring partners, idling engines, and nearby footsteps.

“And with new relaxation tracks, they help quiet your mind, too.”

Last year Bose took the dramatic step of discontinuing the original Sleepbuds because of inconsistent battery performance and the device not charging fully or powering down unexpectedly or both.

The Bose SleepBuds II will be available from October 13 and will be priced at $379.95. Pre-orders opened today.