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Apple activates iTunes Match in Australia

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Apple has switched on iTunes Match in Australia – a new service which replicates your entire music collection on iCloud.

For a $34.99 annual fee, iTunes Match makes your music collection available to be streamed to your other devices like Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

All of your music is copied and stored on iCloud – even songs you didn’t buy on iTunes – and replaces poorer quality versions of songs with better quality versions.  

Whether you’ve purchased your music on iTunes or ripped your own CDs, iTunes Match will search through its catalogue of 20-million songs to find the exact song and store it securely.

This way if you buy a new computer or want to access any of your songs on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple TV it will be accessible over wi-fi or 3G.

iTunes Match replicates your music collection in iCloud for $34.99 a year

Those with huge music collections of up to 25,000 songs will know there is not always enough memory on their portable device to store their entire collection.

Now that problem can be overcome because if you get the urge to hear a favourite artist from your collection which couldn’t be synced and stored physically on the device itself it can be streamed through iCloud.

Even the quality of your music will be improved with iTunes Match replicating all of your music at the higher quality 256kbps and DRM (digital rights management) free.

When users sign up and agree to the terms and conditions iTunes begins with a scan of your library before starting the matching process.

iTunes Match scans your library, then matches it from Apple's vast library

The length of this process will depend on the size of your music library. The service will also search and store all of the relevant album artwork.

When completed it’s then just a matter of going into the settings of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and switching on iTunes Match in the settings.

These devices need to be running iOS 5 to work with iTunes Match.

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