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Amazon unveils new range of Echo products with Alexa onboard

Amazon has revealed a new range of Echo devices with Alexa onboard which are designed to make it even easier for users to access their content, find information and control their smart devices.

The latest line-up includes the Echo Show – which has a 10-inch high definition display as well as a built-in smart home hub.

Priced at $349 and due for release next month, the Echo Show adds new glanceable features for users including the latest headlines, weather, videos or your shopping list.

Amazon also unveiled an updated Echo Plus and Echo Dot and an all-new Echo Sub.

Echo Show

The new Echo Plus ($229) is a handy product to use a starting point for a smart home

Onboard the Echo Plus is a temperature sensor so you can create temperature-based scenarios with your other smart devices.

For example, when it hits a certain temperature, Alexa can send a notification to your phone and switch on a fan connected to a smart plug.

Echo Plus

The latest Echo Dot is priced at $79 and has a louder and crisper speaker and is housed in a compact form factor which can go anywhere in your home.

And it’s affordable enough to buy more than one and spread them around your home to use them as music players, timers, alarms and to control compatible smart devices.

The new Echo Dot

The Echo Sub ($199) is a wireless subwoofer which can provide next-level bass when listening to music on one of the Echo companion speakers.

Echo Sub

Users can connect the Echo Sub to create a 1.1 or 2.1 pairing for stereo sound.

It also has a built-in equaliser so you can adjust the bass, treble and mid-range just by asking Alexa.

The Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, and Echo Sub are now available for pre-order on and will start shipping next month.

Devices can also be pre-ordered at retailers including JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks and other electronics retailers.