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How Vision Direct’s Lens Scanner app works to save you time and money

Due to technological innovation in the eyewear industry, buying glasses online is becoming more simple and user friendly. There is usually a wider selection of glasses to choose from at better prices than in physical stores.

Online eyewear retailers, such as Vision Direct, have made buying spectacles online an easy and enjoyable experience. With various technologies such as Virtual Try-On, Prescription Lens Scanner app and a variety of payment methods, Vision Direct makes the process of buying glasses swift and affordable.

A common problem with buying glasses online can be ordering prescription glasses, especially if you are unsure about your current prescription. Thanks to Vision Direct’s new groundbreaking technology, the Lens Scanner app, you can now check the prescription of your current glasses without leaving the house.

Vision Direct, founded in 2016 by three budding entrepreneurs, is one of the world’s leading designer eyewear e-retailers. It recently partnered with 6over6, an Israeli startup, to provide its customers with the latest technology in the eyewear industry.

The Lens Scanner app is a free, TGA listed app that enables you to determine your current prescription in a matter of minutes. It conveniently reads the prescription of your current glasses to give you a reading with the same accuracy as a Lensmeter, a common tool found at your optician, within a couple of minutes.

How Does the Lens Scanner App Work?

Using the Lens Scanner is safe, efficient and free to download from the Apple Play Store and Google Play Store.  All you need is your current prescription glasses, a standard size magnetic card for measurement, a smartphone and a computer or laptop with a 12” screen or larger.

Once you have the app installed, follow these steps:

  • Take your magnetic card and place it on the screen of your computer or laptop to calibrate the app. Once the app is synced with the computer or laptop screen, hold your phone up with the Lens Scanner app open.
  • Put your glasses between your phone and the computer screen and follow the instructions on the app. You will be asked to hold your glasses at a certain distance while moving the glasses around to get an accurate reading of the lenses. This takes a couple of minutes to complete.
  • The next and final step is measuring your pupillary distance. Place the card on your forehead and take a picture using your phone.

Once these measurements have been taken, your prescription will be displayed on the screen, saved and added to any glasses that you wish to purchase.

The process takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish and is very straightforward. The interface is simple and user-friendly and the instructions are easy to follow.

What Are the Advantages of Using the Lens Scanner App?

The Lens Scanner app saves you both time and money. It gives you the results immediately, so you don’t have to go to the trouble of going to an optometrist’s office to get the current prescription of your glasses.  This saves you the effort of having to book an appointment and fit it into your schedule.

It also means that you can access your glasses prescription anytime and anywhere, even if you live in a remote location. The idea behind the Lens Scanner is to democratize access to eye care, making it easy and affordable for anyone and everyone to have access to  their prescription.

Note: This does not replace the need to visit an eye care professional regularly for routine checkups.

What Next?

With your prescription sorted, you can now choose a new frame. Vision Direct offers free shipping on orders over $AU99, a 100 day return policy, a best price guarantee, along with several payment options that lets you pay in installments.

Vision Direct’s Lens Scanner app provides an accurate prescription reading making shopping for prescription glasses easier than ever. You can then select from an extensive collection of eyewear that will add an entirely new dimension to your appearance.