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Spotify wants to enhance your in-car experience with Your Daily Drive


Spotify, the popular music streaming service, wants to join you in the car with a brand new playlist called Your Daily Drive that combines music with news talk shows and podcasts.

Sound familiar? It’s just like the radio.

With more than 80 per cent of Australians listening to music in their car at least once a week, Spotify wants to give users the chance to personalise the experience.

It brings the music that you love and combines that with short-form podcast news shows from The Newsroom, The Quicky, The Squiz, 7am, Wall Street Journal, NPR and PRI.

Your Daily Drive will offer songs and artists you like and mix in new tracks for you to discover.

But then throughout the day, there will be updates through the day with both fresh news to go with fresh new music.

It’s very much like the music radio station model who plays a back catalogue and new music while offering news updates throughout the day.

Of course, you have a lot more control over what your hear with Your Daily Drive and that is the result of constant tailoring based on what you’ve been listening to on the platform.

Spotify says The Daily Drive is also a solution for drivers who are constantly switching between radio station in the car to find a song they like.

Spotify users can access Your Daily Drive within the Driving, Made For You and/or Travel hubs and via Home and Browse.