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The pros and cons of the Snapseed imaging editing tool


Snapseed is a Google supported app that was originally an iPad app created by Nik Software, and is now available on multiple platforms. It comes with a multitude of image editing tools.

The interface is user friendly and has several presets for you to try out. With Snapseed you can edit things such as brightness, saturation, contrast, curves and shadows, among various other fine tuning. You have total control over the end result.

Having Snapseed on your PC, tablet, or mobile device, allows you to improve the overall look and quality of your photos, add filters, fix red-eye, or even add high definition resolution effects to them. It comes with a mask break and healing adjustment features, like any professional editing software.

Let’s start with a list of pros and cons:


  • The software is free to use. Lots of the video editing software out there is very expensive, so this is a good option if you are low on funds, or just wish to try the app.
  • Comes with several professional-grade presets, and editing tools. This can be useful if you are inexperienced, and want to have most of the work already done for you.
  • The software is tried and tested by amateur and professional photographers alike, so you know you are getting a tried and true program.
  • It is user friendly, so if you are just starting out on your photo editing journey, or are new to photo editing software, this will make things more streamlined and understandable for you.
  • Snapseed can edit RAW files, a RAW image has not been processed by your camera, this gives you true control over the look and feel of your photos.
  • There are easy-to-use finger swipe sliders you can use to edit images, no stylus needed!
  • Advertisement free. No annoying pop-ups and ads while you are trying to focus on what you are doing.


  • There is a slight learning process, even though it is considered user friendly.
  • Not for complete beginners, it does help to have some initial experience, though there are several videos that can assist with learning.
  • You have to be vigilant about saving your work, as the options included are not very intuitive.
  • You can currently integrate with your social network, though the options here could be more clear than they are.

So what does Snapseed do?

Some aspects of Snapseed may require a little more editing experience, but for the most part Snapseed is user friendly. There is some familiarity, as some of the preset filters are comparable to the filters you can find on Instagram. Edit the appearance of your photos with just one click, and make your photos pop, brighter, smoother, as well as several other presets.

Once you have some time to get used to all of the preset options, you will develop certain go-to presets, that suit your style, it can be a rewarding and fun learning experience to play around with these, and learn what’s best for you.

Do be aware you must export any changes you have done to your images, as Snapseed does not save them automatically.

So, you have heard the good and the bad with regards to Snapseed. You can get it for free online for your PC, or for your android device at the Google Play or for apple devices the Apple App store. Start creating professional quality photographs today!