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Passengers and drivers can now verify their Uber ride with a new safety feature


Uber has introduced yet another safety feature to give riders even more peace of mind that they are getting in the right car and drivers know they have picked up the right customer.

Now Uber riders have the option of receiving a four-digit PIN to provide the driver to verify they are the correct passenger.

To opt in to the PIN code feature go to the Uber app settings menu and tap “Verify Your Rides”.

From here riders also have the option to use the four-digit code for all of their trips or just for rides between 9pm and 6am.

The four digit code will appear within the app while the driver is on the way.

When the Uber arrives, riders can either tell the driver the number or tap on the code within the app to magnify it to show to the driver.

If you have opted for the PIN code option, the trip can’t begin until the PIN is verified and entered into the driver’s app.

This is the latest in a number of safety features Uber has introduced including RideCheck which can keep an eye on your trip.

Last week Uber also offered a new Comfort Mode where riders can request a quiet ride and control the in-car temperature.