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New Uber Comfort ride lets you request quiet mode and temperature control


Uber is used by more than 3.8 million Australians and now riders can take even more control of their ride thanks to a new feature called Uber Comfort.

With Uber Comfort, passengers are now able to choose quiet mode, request temperature control and extend waiting times.

Riders can request quiet mode without any music or conversation when they are expecting a call, need to dial in to a conference call or just want peace and quiet.

Passengers can also request a temperature setting – cool, warm or hot – if they have forgotten their jacket on a cool day so heat can be turned up before you step into the car.

Uber Comfort trips can also extend wait times to up to 10 minutes which can be handy if you’re held up in a meeting and need your ride to be ready when you are.

Drivers who can offer Uber Comfort will have a minimum rating of 4.85 and at least 500 trips under their belt.

Uber Comfort will come at an added cost – approximately 1.2x the cost of a regular ride.

“If you’ve registered for Uber Australia’s new loyalty program, Uber Rewards, you’ll also earn two points per eligible dollar on Uber Comfort trips,” says Uber Australia and New Zealand General Manager Dom Taylor.

“As part of the program, Gold members and above will also unlock up to 10 per cent off one Uber Comfort trip every month.
“So whether you’re riding to the airport with your boss, or are after a ride for a special occasion, Uber  Comfort is the go to for your next ride.”

Uber Comfort features: 

– Extended Wait Times: We know you value your time, and so do we. With extended wait times your driver will now wait up to 10 minutes.

– Quiet mode: Choose in advance whether you’re looking for a quiet ride, or a chatty one.

– Temperature control: You can request your ideal temperature in advance – choose between warm, hot, cool, or cold.

– Experienced Drivers: Drivers available for Uber Comfort will have a minimum rating of 4.85 and at least 500 trips logged on the Uber app.

– Newer Cars: Arrive in comfort with a car that meets consistent vehicle make and model standards (from 2013 onwards).