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New dating app Hello Tiger can fast track your path to love

Move over Tinder and Bumble, there’s a new dating app on the block called Hello Tiger that’s been designed to fast track the time it takes to find your perfect match.

Hello Tiger is an Australian app that has turned digital dating on its head with a system that’s like virtual speed dating.

Like conventional dating apps, Hello Tiger helps you find a match but when you do there is no waiting to send or receive a message.

Instead, the matched couple is linked in a 60 second video chat to see right away if there’s a spark that’s worthy of taking things further.

This cuts to the chase instead of having to come up with a message that will get the person’s attention instead of blending in with the many others they’ve received.

Putting the couple on the spot like this also sorts the tyre kickers from the real buyers and eliminates the time wasters and game players.

In fact, there is no way around the 60 second video chat, its mandatory if you want to keep talking within the app.

So users really need to be at their best and deliver a friendly and attractive elevator pitch to keep things going.

This removes the barriers and provides real and immediate communication so you can get a sense of the person better than trying to interpret the tone and contents of a message.

This process also weeds out potential catfish and does away with fake profiles and photos that don’t accurately represent the person you’re matched with.

In fact, Hello Tiger users are required to update their profile picture weekly – and you can’t simply grab a photo from your camera roll – you have to snap a selfie then and there.

During the two-year pandemic the dating world was placed on pause and Hello Tiger is providing a way for people to get back out there and rebuild their confidence by striking up a conversation with a stranger.

“I want to save people’s time, eliminate the fakes, and let you get straight to the point to decide whether there’s a connection there or not,” says Hello Tiger Founder, Chris Dutton.

“A lot of popular dating apps fall short when it comes to making more meaningful connections, which is why I wanted to do things very differently at Hello Tiger, by pushing for that face-to-face virtual interaction to help reignite that element of human contact.”

Hello Tiger is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store now.