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Meet the new-look and simplified Messenger

A brand-new  and simpler version of Messenger has just been unveiled with a new design and powerful new features to help users stay in touch and have fun at the same time.

The update will gradually roll out to users around the world in phases.

The improvements come as a result of listening to the 1.3 billion global Messenger users who enjoy using the app but were after a simpler and easier experience.

With this new version of Messenger, users can still connect with the people that are important to them as well as personalise the conversation.

Messenger 4 has gone from nine tabs to just three –  Chat, People and Discover.

The app has not lost any of its functionality – it is just easier to navigate.

Starting with the Chat tab –  this is where you will find all of your conversations with your one-on-one or group chats.

Messenger 4 will still allow you to share pictures and video with the camera at the top of the screen so you can easily capture and share your selfies as well.

Users can personalise their chats with a customisation called colour gradients which allows you to use multiple colours to customise the chat bubbles in your conversations.

You will be able to change these at any time to reflect your mood or the topic of conversation.

In the People tap, this is where you’ll find your friends and be able to catch up on their stories and see who is active right now.

In the Discover tab, you can play games, follow the news, connect with businesses to get the latest deals  and much, much more.

There is now even a Dark Mode which can re-skin the interface and turned the white and bright background into a darker shade to cut down on the glare from your phone.

But while Messenger 4 might look a bit different, it still retains all the features people have come to enjoy including polling your friends, sharing your live location to find your friends, catching up in a group video chat or challenging them to your favourite games.