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Instagram Marketing for Ecommerce: The Essential Guide in 2020


Social media marketing is one of the cornerstones of digital outreach campaigns nowadays. One of the most successful social media platforms for marketing is Instagram since it has such as large following and lots of active users. 

You can connect meaningfully with potential customers and appeal to them with the content created for this platform. How can you meaningfully engage with your followers? Here is an essential guide for Instagram marketing in 2020.

Use call to actions on the posts

Instagram allows you to include a clickable link only once on the bio and this is where the business’ website URL should be. People can easily forget this section and might not give it perusal much bur rather scroll down your feed.

If the main intention for the Instagram marketing strategy you are implementing is to direct more people to the business’ website, this can be a little challenge. To ensure that users actually follow through and click on the link, include Call To Actions every now and then in the posts you make.

Include all details required

You should fill in the bio field with great charisma to get users to convert to the business. You can learn how to make a compelling description of yourself from the best edu apps for iOS available from the app store. They are well described and their description attracts you to download them.

On Instagram for business, you should include other details such as the contact details of the business. Do not forget to add an address for local customers that would like to pop in. The link section should have the URL redirecting to the intended landing page.

Build a powerful content marketing strategy

Instagram has been around for a while now and it has developed over time. The developments have introduced new features that can be used for Instagram marketing. If you do not switch over to the newer trends, potential customers will perceive the business as redundant and out of fashion.

They will easily get bored because of the same type of content you always post and. For example, traditional IG feed posts have been around since the conception of the platform. If you stick to them only, users will get bored and look for more interesting things on their stories and on IGTV.

Do not get left out by refusing to keep up with trends. Use the latest features that are rolled out as soon as you can. Let time not be a constraint in what you do. If you feel you are short of time, head to It’s a great resource for academic writing samples and that too without any cost.

Promote UGC

User-Generated Content (UGC) is one of the most powerful methods of driving more traffic to the Instagram page and getting more conversions. UGC can help sway the purchase decisions of potential customers in your favor when properly handled. How can you have a part in this?

Whenever you see UGC posted in favor of the business, engage with that post. Do that by reposting it or commenting and liking the post. That will encourage the customer to post again after making a purchase.

It will also encourage others to join in and share the products they bought from you. To promote UGC, you can also run a contest that encourages users to post their experiences.

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Tap into social commerce

Instagram for Business has opened opportunities for smaller businesses to create a portfolio or catalog. You can unify all the products being sold by the business under the “Shop” tab. With the images, businesses can include a product description but, most importantly, their price.

Customers care a lot about knowing how much they should pay for products and offering them a price upfront can expedite the purchasing decision. If you are offering products and not services, this is the perfect place for you to be.

The bottom line

Instagram marketing eCommerce is an excellent practice to implement if you want to take the digital outreach campaign to the next level. You can get access to a lot of eyeballs that can support your business and even post UGC afterward.

Businesses selling products can make full use of the “Shop” feature where they can post all their products in one place with prices and product descriptions. Ensure to keep up with the new trends of this platform to stay up to date on your marketing strategy.

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Connie Elser works as a digital marketing specialist for a digital agency that has many A-listers as its clients. Owing to her love for writing and her strong subject knowledge in business and IT, she also works as a part-time academic writer for an assignment service. In her free time, she plays piano, attends Kung-fu classes and listens to pop music.