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Facebook launches Messenger Kids for safe and fun video chats and messaging

There’s now a video chat and messaging app available in Australia designed just for kids. It’s called Messenger Kids and will allow your children keep in touch with their friends safely and securely.

Even though it’s school holidays right now, kids are still being kept apart because of the coronavirus lockdown but now Messenger Kids will allow them to connect with their friends in a fun way in a parent-controlled space.

Once set up, kids can enjoy one-on-one conversations and also take part in video apps.

There are also some fun features including masks, emojis and sound effects to brighten up the conversation.

On top of video chat, kids can also share photos and videos and text messages to parent-approved friends and family.

Users will also have access to a library of kid-friendly GIFs, frames and stickers and drawing tools to decorate their content.

Kids can accept and friend and reject contacts with parents able to monitor and approve these new connections from a Parent Dashboard.

When a child makes a friending action, the parent will be sent a notification through Messenger and will be able override any connection if they choose as well as see a log of recent activities.

“This is a powerful opportunity and teachable moment for parents to have a conversation with their kids about the life-long skill of choosing one’s friends, both face to face and online,” said Facebook youth advisor Dr Lewis Bernstein.

“In addition to allowing parents more ways to manage their child’s messaging experience, Supervised Friending develops kids’ autonomy to decide who they do or don’t want to connect with, while parents can observe, provide guidance and step in as necessary.”

The app is available to download now from