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eBay launches new image clean-up tools to help sell your items

A picture tells a thousand words – a good picture also helps you sell your items on eBay. eBay has just introduced a mobile feature called Image Clean-up that uses AI and computer vision technology.

The eBay app on iOS and Android can now take your images and etch out the item so you  replace the background with a white background.

This image clean-up helps optimise your listing for SEO (search engine optimisation) across the web and search engines.

Having a clearer and uncluttered view of your item also improves the shopping experience for buyers.

The process works with a computer vision algorithm that can separate the item from background clutter so it can change it to white.

This then provides a consistent look and feel which makes it more attractive to potential buyers.

And it all works through the eBay mobile app.

After taking their photos with the eBay listing flow.

Sellers can choose to remove the background using the new Clean-up tool and add the white background.

It is also now possible to also touch up and missing areas – or you can also use the photo as is if you’re happy with it.

The feature is now available for Android and iOS users in Australia, US, UK and Germany.