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Dyson launches CleanTrace software update that can tell you how well you’re cleaning

Dyson has launched the new software update called CleanTrace which makes it possible for Dyson users to visualise their cleaning paths in real time using their smartphones and Augmented Reality.

The company has also released a new phone clamp which can attach your smartphone to the Dyson vacuum wand and, through the phones camera, can see the clean path.

Dyson’s extensive research has shown that not everyone has the same thoroughness when it comes to vacuuming and areas are often missed.

But at the same time, the study shows that we also clean the same spot repeatedly which reduces their efficiency and wastes valuable time.

By using CleanTrace to visualise your cleaning paths in real time with AR, the user can see where they’ve cleaned and the spots that need attention.

CleanTrace works by recognising the shape of the vacuum’s cleaner head and the motor tone when it’s turned on.

CleanTrace unites several technologies including LIDAR from the user’s smartphone which helps create a map of the room and overlays a cleaning pathway using augmented reality.

The software was inspired by the Dyson 360 Vis Nav robot vacuum cleaner which knows where it is in your home it also knows where it’s cleaned and where it still needs to go.

“We realised that we could all learn a thing or two from the methodical cleaning approach of our robot vacuums,” says Charlie Park – VP of Engineering, Dyson Home.

“Unlike most humans doing the cleaning, Dyson robots know where they are in the room, where they have been, and where they have yet to go.

“With the Dyson CleanTrace, we add this extra layer of cleaning intelligence to the Gen5detect vacuum. It gives you the ability to see where you have and haven’t cleaned, which, combined with our on-board particle sensing technology, gives proof that the floor is truly clean.”

After you’ve finish cleaning the owner can remove the phone from the clamp and then scan the whole room to check that you’ve done a good job.

The CleanTrace software update can be accessed through the MyDyson app.

The Easy Clamp system attaches to the Dyson Gen5detect vacuum, the company’s most advanced vacuum cleaner, and the app is compatible with Apple iPhone 12 and later.