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Guess which countries pay the most and the least for Spotify Premium

Do you have a Spotify account? And have you ever wondered how much you pay per month compares with the rest of the world? A study has revealed the countries that pay the most and the least for Spotify Premium.

The study by SavingSpot took into account the average monthly income, the Spotify Premium price and from that worked out what that percentage of a monthly income the Spotify subscription price would be.

Spotify has more than 130 million paying subscribers with a catalog of more than 45 million songs.

In Australia, the price of an individual Spotify Premium account is $US7.73 which represents 0.22 per cent of the average monthly income of $US3457.46.

But Australia doesn’t rank in the top 10 cheapest countries – but also doesn’t figure in the top 10 most expensive countries either.

Spotify Premium is cheapest in India where it costs the equivalent of $US1.58 while the most expensive country is Denmark at $US14.39.

In terms of value, Qatar takes the title with the Spotify Premium costing them just 0.1 per cent of their average monthly income.

The worst value can be found in Nicaragua where Spotify Premium is a huge 3.9 per cent of their average monthly wage.

Australia actually has better Spotify value than the US and Canada which pays 0.23 per cent of their monthly earnings on Spotify Premium – slightly more than Australia on 0.22.

Singapore has the best deal in the Asia Pacific/Oceania region with 0.2 per cent.

But New Zealand fares worse than Australia – they earn less on average per month ($US2,914) but pay more for Spotify Premium at $US8.99 which works out at 0.31 per cent of the monthly Kiwi income.