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Cabs hit back against ride sharing services with feature to pick your favourite driver


With so many ride sharing services on offer, the taxi industry is under siege but it is striking back with a new feature called MyDriver which will allow customers to book their favourite drivers for their next trip.

Available through the 13cabs app, MyDriver will be available in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide so riders can request specific drivers to have more control of their journeys.

Here’s how it works:

After you’ve finished your trip go to MyDriver in the 13cabs app menu and press Add Driver in the top right of the screen.

Add the Driver’s ID number – this will be found on the ID card on display in the cab or simply ask the driver.

You can save up to five drivers to your MyDriver list.

And MyDriver is not just limited for passengers.

Customers can MyDriver for deliveries and even to pick up takeaway food.

There are more than 10,000 cabs on the 13cabs network and more than 40,000 experienced career drivers.