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Apps And Software That Every Freelancer Needs

There is simply no denying that becoming a freelancer is exciting. Especially in today’s time. Not only is the market full of freelance work, but there are more lucrative opportunities available than ever before for the right individual.

Of course, being the right individual means being ahead of the schedule, delivering when your customers aren’t expecting it, and going above and beyond. While there are several ways that you can go about doing these very things, there is nothing that will help you accomplish those tasks more effectively and efficiently than the right freelance apps and software.

What is the right software for the job? That is what you are about to discover.

Time Doctor

Time is more important than ever. Customers want their jobs done when promised and being ahead of schedule never hurts matters. Unfortunately, this is always the easiest thing for a freelance firm to accomplish. Especially when they have four or five big projects running at the same time.

Luckily, this is where Time Doctor can come in handy. This is a time tracking software that helps you increase your company’s overall productivity. It is promised to increase the productivity of your company by as much as 22 percent. And, it does this by utilizing powerful customizable reports along with optional screenshot monitoring and a variety of other handy features.

You can choose what you are receiving in those daily reports so you don’t have to spend countless minutes or hours sifting through unwanted information. Get right to what you need, when you need it with Time Doctor’s customizable reports.

Finally, Time Doctor is not the only option there are several other apps as outlined in this guide.

Rescue Time

Speaking of time, don’t you just wish you had more of it? Of course, you do! There is never enough time in the day and this is where Rescue Time could potentially help out.

This freelance app is perfect for any freelancer, as it sends you a weekly report to show which tasks steal time and limit your overall productivity. When you need to use your time as effectively as possible, you cannot go wrong with Rescue Time.

Remember The Milk

Yes, this app probably sounds like a weird one and there is no denying that it has a funny name, but that doesn’t mean that it can come in handy. In fact, if you are having issues working from several devices, this could be the exact app that you need to get things straightened right out.

This app was specifically designed to help bring unity to operations and ease the burden of task management. The apps will also remind you of updates that need to be sent out so no one is left out of the loop. If you are taking on multiple projects or working from several different devices at one time, Remember the Milk will help you keep everything organized and on task as it should be.

Duplicate File Finders

In today’s technology-filled world it might seem like an easy thing to keep your applications and systems running smoothly. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for the average freelancer, especially when they have multiple projects going on at the same time. This task up a lot of space on even the most optimized systems and will even slow the most advanced computer.

Luckily, this is where the right duplicate file finders can come in handy. These apps are specifically designed to free extra disk space while also providing more space to keep things running like a well-oiled operation.

That being said, you’ll quickly discover that there are really several reliable and handy file finders available online. However, there are some great guides like this one to help you discover which apps are the best for your specific tasks.


It doesn’t matter how many projects you’ve taken on in the past. Heck, it doesn’t even matter if one project seems just like the other because there are always going to be unforeseen obstacles. One project might encounter problems, whereas the other of the same design might go off without a hitch.

Whatever the situation is, this is where apps like Paymo can come in handy. This is truly the ultimate full-featured project management app, as it lets you run and manage any project right from the very start until the confirmation of payment. It helps you plan, set tasks, and track milestones while also tracking the time for everything that you are doing.

n addition to this, there is a neat little forum where your teammates can discuss the project. This will come in more than handy for projects that have multiple hands assigned and are always changing.


Here is another collaborative app that allows you and your teammates to organize projects and work together. With this app, you’ll be able to create boards for different projects, compose lists and define cards on those boards to help organize tasks in a flexible yet engaging manner.

The app is very straightforward and visual so it will be easy for anyone to get a grasp right away. Even the most technologically app challenged individual shouldn’t have a problem navigating their way around this app and assign tasks.

There is a free version of this app available that allows you access to unlimited boards for all your projects, but it does unfortunately limit the number of third-party integration that you can activate.


Apps with a lot of features are great, but there is such a thing as too much. Too many features are like having a report filled with too much information. You are eventually going to end up wasting time browsing and sifting.

This is exactly what Notion aims to prevent. It is a minimalist all-in-one workspace that allows you to do everything from makes notes and docs to build wiki knowledge bases, manage projects, maintain spreadsheets, and handle your databases. There is even a feature for embedding with other apps like Google Sheets, Twitter, and CodePen.

There is a free version available that will let you get started and test the water, but it only comes available with a 1,000 block storage space. A small monthly fee and you’ll be able to take advantage of their unlimited block storage programs with no file upload limit.

Want more options? No worries, this guide has several Notion alternatives!