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Apple announces App Store Best of winners for 2020

Apple has revealed the category winners for the Australian App Store charts for 2020 as determined by the App Store editors who played and tested the most promising to come up with these lists.

It’s been a year where apps have been more important than ever to keep up connected and entertained and informed.

Best Of winners will each receive a newly designed award precision milled from a recycled aluminium alloy with diamond cut edges.



These award-winning apps and games, created by innovative developers, showed us new ways to communicate, stay well and find joy in an unprecedented year.
iPhone App Of The Year:

Why we love it: Wakeout! helped us find the time—and the will—to keep moving, with easy exercises that made the most of life at home.

iPhone Game Of The Year: Genshin Impact


Why we love it: The open-world RPG freed gamers to explore a massive realm filled with colourful monsters and earthshaking titans, all brought to life with cutting-edge visual effects.
Apple Watch App Of The Year: Endel

Why we love it: Blurring the lines between music and wellness, this boundary-breaking app put an endlessly comforting—and deeply personalised—soundscape right on our wrist.
iPad App Of The Year: Zoom


Why we love it: With incredible ease of use and rock-solid reliability, Zoom went from business-conferencing app to where life just happens.
iPad Game Of The Year: Legends of Runeterra

Why we love it: Set in the hugely popular League of Legends universe, this collectible card game stood out by turning each match into a contest of wits and savage strikes.
Arcade Game Of The Year: Sneaky Sasquatch

Why we love it: As a charming Big Foot living in the woods in this exploration game, your goal is to stay well fed—and get into a little mischief. It’s a welcome (and reliably hilarious) escape for the whole family.

Mac App of the Year: Fantastical

Why we love it: This must-have calendar app made it easier to collaborate and navigate our new world of remote meetings and video chats.

Mac Game of the Year: Disco Elysium
Why we love it: Gritty, gorgeous, and deeply contemplative, the role-playing game Disco Elysium is a breathtaking meditation on systemic inequities, tough choices, and what makes us who we are.
Apple TV Game of the Year: Dandara Trials of Fear
Why we love it: Inspired by Dandara dos Palmares, a real-life warrior who fought to end slavery in colonial Brazil, this action-packed platformer’s gravity-defying gameplay literally turns your world upside down.


Trend of the Year: Helpfulness

Reinventing Play: Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is the global gaming sensation that has been downloaded over 1 billion times and empowers Pokémon trainers to discover Pokémon through AR as they explore the world around them. Niantic has made significant shifts in 2020 to ensure players could play from wherever they are and to keep them socially connected and engaged
Connecting Families: Caribu: Video Calls Kids Love

Why we love it: When the pandemic struck, Caribu became a kid-friendly (and kid-safe) way for little ones to chat, read, and play games with family members far away.
Practicing Self-Care: Shine: Calm Anxiety & Stress

Why we love it: The meditation app kept inclusivity and representation at the centre of mental and emotional health.
Leading Classrooms: Explain Everything Whiteboard

Why we love it: The interactive digital whiteboard facilitated a lively back-and-forth in the virtual classroom.
Making a Difference: ShareTheMeal

Why we love it: ShareTheMeal was an incredibly easy way to help the hundreds of millions of people around the world facing food insecurity.


Top Free iPhone Apps

  1. COVIDSafe
    2. ZOOM
    3. TikTok
    4. Houseparty
    5. Instagram
    6. Coronavirus Australia
    7. Disney+
    8. WhatsApp Messenger
    9. Messenger
    10. YouTube
    11. Spotify
    12. Snapchat
    13. Facebook
    14. Netflix
    15. Gmail
    16. Google Maps
    17. Uber Eats
    18. mymacca’s Ordering & Offers
    19. Microsoft Teams
    20. Widgetsmith

Top Paid iPhone Apps

  1. WikiCamps Australia
    2. The Wonder Weeks
    3. Sezzy Timer
    4. Procreate Pocket
    5. TripView – Sydney & Melbourne
    6. TouchRetouch
    7. Forest – Stay focused
    8. Monash University FODMAP diet
    9. AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch
    10. Rain Parrot
    11. Facetune
    12. Pocket Secure
    13. The Resilience Project
    14. VIC Fires
    15. QLD Fires
    16. SkyView
    17. MusicView
    18. Mirror for Samsung TV
    19. Shadowrocket
    20. Sky Guide




Top Apple Arcade Games

  1. Sonic Racing
    2. Skate City
    3. Hot Lava
    4. PAC-MAN Party Royale
    5. Oceanhorn 2
    6. Sneaky Sasquatch
    8. LEGO Brawls
    9. Crossy Road Castle
    10. Outlanders
    11. Frogger in Toy Town
    12. Mini Motorways
    13. SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit
    14. LEGO Builder’s Journey
    15. Rayman Mini
    16. Spyder
    17. Butter Royale
    18. tint.
    19. Patterned
    20. Speed Demons

Top Free iPhone Games

  1. Among Us!
    2. Subway Surfers
    3. Brain Out
    4. Call of Duty: Mobile
    5. Woodturning 3D
    6. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
    7. Roblox
    8. Tangle Master 3D
    9. Fishdom
    10. Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game
    11. Ink Inc. – Tattoo Drawing
    12. Mario Kart Tour
    13. Cube Surfer!
    14. 8 Ball Pool
    15. Homescapes
    16. Park Master
    17. BitLife – Life Simulator
    18. Draw Climber
    19. Gardenscape  20 UNO

Top Paid iPhone Apps

  1. Minecraft
    2. Plague Inc.
    3. Monopoly
    4. Heads Up! – Trivia on the go
    5. Bloons TD 6
    6. True Skate
    7. Geometry Dash
    8. Bloons TD 5
    9. Cluedo: The Official Edition
    10. Terraria  11. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    12. Papa’s Freezeria To Go!
    13. Farming Simulator 20
    14. Rebel Inc.
    15. NBA 2K20
    16. Pocket Build
    17. Stardew Valley
    18. Exploding Kittens
    19. Earn to Die 2 20. The Chase Australia