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5 Reasons to Have an iOS App for Your Business

A business without an app is missing a lot. Over the last decade, apps have played a significant role in company growth. If you want to move your business in the right direction, developing an app is simply a must.

The smartphone market generally features two operating systems – Android and iOS. Although there are others, they are insignificant, as most mobile device users are either Android or iOS oriented. When choosing to develop a business app, you need to pick one of these and have your new app developed strictly for these operating systems.

When you’re making your choice, consider iOS as your first choice. There are many reasons why, and that’s what we’re talking about in this article. We will share five essential reasons you want to develop an iOS business app. Follow up and learn what the benefits of owning an iOS app are.

1. iOS users have the highest spending power

There are nearly 2 billion iOS users worldwide. Most of them live in western countries, like the US and Europe. iOS is the most popular mobile device brand in the US, with 211 million devices in use. Statistics say that 87% of teens prefer an iPhone over any other brand.

The western world, in general, has a higher spending power than the eastern world, but it is also well-known that iPhone and iOS users are willing to spend more on particular products. That gives you the right to think that having an iOS-oriented app will generate more profits.

IOS users regularly use around 20 apps. If you manage to develop an app that will be useful for them, you can expect them to use it frequently. If they do, that will provide great benefit for your company because not only will it strengthen the brand awareness, but it may also make profits.

2. Tech-savvy users prefer iOS

If your business is tech-related, you’ll find great use of your iOS app. People who use Apple phones and mobile devices are tech-savvy and love exploring and buying new things. They also have a great eye for products created by companies in these fields.

Depending on your industry, you’ll need an app that is developed specifically for the type of users interested in that particular market. If you’re unsure how your app needs to look and what to implement, it will be best to hire a full-service development company, like, a company that will know what you need.

Hire someone with numerous projects behind them and someone who can give you the right advice about what to implement. They know the markets, and they’ll know what to install on your app. When it comes to iOS users, you’ll want perfection, as satisfying them is not easy.

3. Excellent UI and UX for your clients

When you’re using a programming language for iOS apps, you’re bound to develop something extraordinary. When we say extraordinary, we don’t mean a piece of technology that will be flawless, but an app with a unique interface and looks.

Apple apps are always different from anything else. The main reason for this is that Apple as a brand allows app developers to experiment and be creative. When the app is finished, only Apple products will perfectly put the developer’s idea to practice and have the app look fantastic.

All this gives iOS users an excellent user experience. This is highly valuable for customers – everyone using an expensive phone would like to have the best possible experience while using the apps on it. If you lack the perfection that Apple provides, users will quickly delete your app from their phones.

4. Chance for free marketing through your users’ actions

Nearly all iOS users are active on at least one social network. Most of them will post daily, which gives you a great chance for free marketing. Provide a social media integration in your business app, and let the users who download the app do the rest.

You’ll also want to have your own social media profiles and pages. Create content that might be engaging for your fans and app users. Send notifications to your clients through the app with discounts, offers, and other activities, and see how the users share this information on their social networks.

If one of your attempts becomes viral, you will reach thousands or millions of viewers. As they say – there’s no bad marketing, so anything that draws users’ attention is a great activity. Just make sure you’re not politically incorrect, as things like these may ruin your career entirely.

5. Worldwide market access

You may be involved in an industry with a local business considering a tight area, but some businesses operate worldwide. Whichever it is, you still have access to many consumers, especially if your business is located in a western country.

If you’re trying to sell products worldwide, an iOS app is a must. Apple is a universal brand, and no matter where you’re located, owning an app that is available in the App store will give you access to people living on the other side of the globe.


There’s no question that Apple is one of the biggest mobile device players. They might even be the greatest of all times. Android indeed has more users than Apple, but the spending power of iOS users is much greater than the spending power of Android users.

With this in mind, developing a business app means you must have it done for Apple users. Hire the best app developers and work closely with them to create something extraordinary. If you do this, the result will be an app that looks staggering and has fantastic value for your users.

The main things you need to address when developing an iOS business app are functionality, speed, and value for your customers. If you’re successful in all three, your app will surely be successful. Millions will download it, and your business will thrive.