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5 Best Ways to Use Instagram for Students in 2020


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms currently and has over 1 billion active users. The social platform is being used mostly by millennials and Gen Zs for recreational purposes.

That is not the only reason why they use Instagram. There are other more profound and beneficial purposes, like building a business.

You can also engage and voice your opinion on matters that are concerning most people. How can you do this as a student? Here are five good ways to use Instagram as a student in 2020.


Start social commerce

Social commerce is one of the best features of using Instagram and can help you start a side hustle. For example, if you are good with your hands and create different types of handiwork, it can be posted on Instagram as a product.

On the images of the product, users can add the price and website link that directs customers to the online shop where they can make the actual purchase. For students who would like to make some money on the side, this platform can help them sell their products faster.

Work towards being an influencer

Some students are good around people and have great characteristics of being an influencer. In that case, working on growing their followers to close to 10,000 people, they will have the status of being a micro-influencer. From then they can progress to being a macro-influencer which opens more opportunities for them.

Students can make a significant amount of cash by being Instagram influencers when companies approach them asking for endorsements. Being an influencer requires you to be very sociable and active on Instagram, so be sure to post regularly.

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Market your small business

If you have a small business on the side, Instagram can be used for marketing purposes. Instagram can help you get more visibility by using hashtags and stories as well as sponsored posts. Afterward, you can drive more traffic to the business’ website by using effective CTAs.

Although you cannot include clickable URLs on the feed, businesses can include them in their bio. So, the CTA you should use must prompt users to go to the bio and click on the link. Therefore, Instagram can be used to push users down the sales funnel.

Social activism

You probably see injustice every day, it could be related to racial discrimination or gender segregation and some students feel compelled to act on it. Many students have chosen to become social activists about human rights and how things can change.

If you feel that passion and burning desire to fight against injustices, Instagram can help spread your message. Some of the topics mostly protested on Instagram include gender-based violence, racial discrimination, hate speech, and climate change.

Using the relevant hashtags, the outcries students make can be heard by a lot of people and they can gain support and followers.

As you can see, Instagram is not just about making money. It also provides you great skills in social media. Comparing it to the best edu apps for iOS is not an anomaly, rather it’s quite justified.

Market other people’s businesses

If you do not have a business and would not like to open one any time soon, another option is marketing other people’s businesses. You can manage their accounts and ensure that they stay on top of their Instagram handle. Produce relevant and trendy content and then post it on their behalf for a certain fee.

There are many businesses in need of such a service due to being very busy to maintain a social media handle. If you like spending time on Instagram, this can be your chance to make money doing what you love.

The bottom line

Instagram can be a handy tool for students that want to make extra money by starting a side business. They can directly sell their products or market small businesses owned by them or others. Same time, other students can use Instagram to openly protest their views about human rights and social injustices.

The core characteristic of this social media platform is getting your message out there to masses of people. Therefore, it is also suitable for who would like to be social media influencers.

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