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The new Dyson Gen5outsize cordless vacuum lets you go big with your cleaning

Dyson has released its Gen5outsize cordless vacuum that’s been designed to deliver a bigger clean thanks to a larger cleaner head, a larger bin and a swappable battery.

The Gen5outsize builds on the technology and performance of the Dyson Gen5detect and had been re-designed for wider and longer cleaning period.

The Gen5outsize has a 25 per cent wider cleaner head, a 150 per cent larger dust bin and a cleaning time of up to 70 minutes.

Under the hood is the fifth generation Hyperdymium motor with 250 air watts of suction power which can collect larger debris all the way down to microscopic dust.

The motor is smaller yet more powerful spinning at 135,000 RPM – that’s nine times faster than a Formula One engine.

The machine is fully sealed with a whole-machine HEPA filtration system that can trap 99.99 per cent of particles as small as diesel soot.

It has a re-engineered Fluffy Optic cleaner head that can find twice as much microscopic dust on hard floors thanks to its increased brightness and range so you can see exactly where you need to clean.

The Dyson Gen5outsize also introduces a new user interface showing in real time when the surface is clean while the piezo sensor can count and classify the particle type and size and show when that area is clean.

The larger bin has a 1.9 litre capacity which is 150 per cent larger than the Dyson Gen5detect so users can clean longer.

The vacuum also has a replaceable battery which allows the user to keep one on charge and swap out the battery mid clean so you can have up to 70 minutes of run time.

The Dyson Gen5outsize cordless vacuum cleaner is available now from and selected retailers and is priced at $1,649.