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The 360 Smart Life robot vacuums can take over the cleaning duties at your place

360 Smart Life’s range of robot vacuums offer quality and value and have the intelligence and technology to easily navigate around your home and delivery impressive cleaning results.

The line-up includes the S10, S8 Plus and the S8 and all can not only vacuum your carpets but also mop your floors as well.

Under the hood all the 360 Smart Life robot vacuums have LiDAR (light and detection ranging) technology which shoots beams of light to accurately detect the distance to objects in its path.

This combined with the anti-collision sensors means it can avoid obstacles in its path that would tangle up a regular vacuum and stop it in its tracks.

It’s also smart enough to map your home and work out the most efficient cleaning path no matter what the layout of your rooms are and the objects and furniture in its path.

And if you have a multi-storey home, it can even map and remember multiple levels.

Once placed on a new level, the robot will take a quick look around and switch to the right map for that level.

Each model also has Cliff Identification – a set of six sensors, so the robot won’t fall down stairs or off a ledge.

The 360 Smart Life S8

And the companion app gives users complete control – they can see the map of their home and see exactly where the robot is cleaning.

From the app, users can start the cleaning from anywhere – you might find out you have people coming over and need to send the 360 Smart Life robot out for a clean before you get home.

Tech Guide took a hands-on look at the flagship S10 – usually priced at $999 but reduced by 30 per cent to $699 for Mother’s Day – which has a slim design (it’s only 8.5cm tall) so it can fit under couches and beds and get into places where you don’t usually clean.

The S10 has trinocular built-in LiDAR for three-dimensional obstacle avoidance and can also easily identify between carpet and hard floors as well as multiple floors in your home.

On the vacuuming side, the S10 has 3300Pa suction with minimal noise and it has a 500ml dustbin.

When it’s in mopping mode, the S10 calls on its 510ml electronic water tank and cleaning pads to mop your hard floors. That’s enough water to handle 100 square metres of your home in a single pass.

15 years of research and development has gone into the 360 Smart Life’s software and hardware.

The 360 Smart Life S10

The result with the S10 is a 300 per cent improvement in obstacle avoidance, a 100 per cent increase in mapping accuracy and scanning range has also been increased by 200 per cent.

The other models in the range include S8 Plus ($899) which has 2700Pa suction, a 300ml electrical water tank.

Included with the S8 Plus is a station that can automatically empty the robot’s dustbin into the large 4 litre dust bag. This means the robot can clean your home for up to 70 days without you having to touch it.

The S8 ($599) also has 2700Pa suction, a 360ml dustbin and it can also mop.

If you want to spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things you love then you need to get yourself one of the 360 Smart Life robot vacuums.

Tech Guide readers can receive a 20 per cent discount when purchasing the S8 Plus from the 360 Smart Life website by using the promo code TG20 at checkout.