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Take a look inside the Dyson demo store which has just opened in Sydney


Dyson has opened the doors on its first ever demo store in Australia in the heart of the Sydney CBD where customers can see demonstrations and interact with Dyson’s range of products.

Tech Guide took a tour of the store, located at the entrance to the busy Wynyard Station, a few days before its official opening today.

The store, located at 301 and 285 George Street Sydney, is home to Dyson’s complete range of technologies and products and is a place where customers can go hands on to discover, explore and understand how Dyson’s impressive technology works.

There are several interactive demonstration zones which show real world problems including air purification and hair damage and how they can be prevented by Dyson’s products.

There is everything from demos showing the effectiveness of Dyson’s vacuums to air quality tests which illustrate the particles and pollutants removed from the air in your home, all the way to the Beauty Lab where customers can have their hair analysed and styled with Dyson’s hair care technologies.

“Dyson operates more than 300 Dyson stores worldwide and our first ever Dyson Demo in Australia will add to our ambitious growth plans for the future,” says Roland Krueger, Dyson CEO.

“Together with Dyson’s direct online store, the new space in Sydney forms a part of our growing ambitions in direct-to-consumer retail, providing consumers with opportunities to discover the Dyson technology through both the virtual and physical world.”

Upon entering the store, which is part of a regenerated heritage building, customers are greeted buy the largest digital screens inside any Dyson store in the world.

Other screens around the store are showing demonstrations while other stations offer hands-on zones which help customers understand the technology and see it in action.

The Dyson Beauty Lab is an area of the store which shows off the company’s hairstyling technologies.

Customers can book an appointment to have their hair examined and magnified for a complete hair health diagnosis and tips on how to protect their hair and style it using Dyson’s hair care products.

In the healthy home area, customers can see the progress of Dyson’s 25 years of experience developing motors and filters to keep our homes clean and air pure.

Demonstration zones in this area of the store illustrate the unseen dangers lurking in the air as well as providing a comprehensive look at the strength of the company’s cordless vacuums on various floor surfaces.

The Dyson store is also a place where customers can personalise their hair care cases with complementary debossing with a selection of colours for the foil initials and gift-wrapping services.

Customers can experience Dyson’s portfolio of key technologies:

Dyson Corral straightener: The only straightener to use flexing plates that shape to gather hair, this extra control enables styling with less heat and damage. It incorporates an intelligent sensor system to regulate and adjust the temperature of its plates 100 times per second, ensuring constant power and heat for enhanced styling.

Dyson V15 Detect: A new generation of cord-free vacuum cleaners which features a precisely-angled laser beam that reveals hidden dust, while an acoustic piezo sensor measures and records the dust and debris that has been sucked up displaying the data on a screen in real-time. People will be able to see the Dyson HyperdymiumTM motor and five-layers of filtration close-up and try the machine on four different floor surfaces with a variety of dust and debris.

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde air purifier: Latest generation of purification machines with new solid-state formaldehyde sensing technology, designed to capture ultrafine dust and allergens, even destroying potentially dangerous VOCs including formaldehyde. Dyson experts are on hand to explain the way in Dyson’s air purifier technology sense, captures and projects clean air for home air treatment.

The new Dyson store will be open daily from 10:00AM to 6:00PM and 9:00PM on Thursdays and 10:00AM to 5:00PM on Sundays.