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Samsung unveils elegant Infinite Refrigerator range that you design to suit your needs

Samsung has launched the Infinite Refrigerator – a premium new appliance which incorporates your choice of a fridge, freezer or wine cellar models but that still blends into your décor.

The Infinite Refrigerator has a minimalist design to fit seamlessly into your interior and is made from quality natural materials.

“Samsung Infinite is a new class of premium appliances that caters to the growing consumer demand for affordable customisable built-in luxury appliances with timeless designs,” says Jeremy Senior, Vice-President- Consumer Electronics, Samsung Australia.

“Samsung Infinite will offer discerning Australian consumers an elevated experience that’s more in tune with how they use their fridge today, prioritising flexibility and convenience through high performance features, and SmartThings to enable richer dining experiences at home.”

Samsung’s Infinite Refrigerator is made from durable materials with a premium finish and elegant design.

And being a bespoke premium refrigerator, customers can also mix and match the design.

You can customise and combine to suit your changing needs, but one constant is that it will remain stylish and functional no matter how your lifestyle changes.

The outside of the Infinite Refrigerator is made from premium aluminium and has a significant level of dent and scratch resistance.

Inside is Black Metal Cooling and Tunnel lighting that just add to the elegant form and function.

Black Metal Cooling provides a sense of depth but also helps keep food fresher for longer because it can quickly compensate for any heat loss.

The tunnel lighting on the frame and shelves also improves the aesthetic while providing a clear view in every corner to see what’s in the refrigerator.

The fridge and freezer have a capacity of 805 litres and the wine cellar has room for up to 101 bottles.

Infinite Refrigerator has an Auto Open Door feature which means it can open with a simple touch which makes it easier to access the fridge when your hands are full of groceries or messy while cooking.

And because of this built-in sensor it means there is no handle to get in the way which just adds to the clean clutter-free design.

Infinite Refrigerator has flexible storage options so you can decide where you want different foods to be kept under optimal conditions.
Inside is the flex pantry drawer which can be independently controlled to suit your daily needs with two built-in temperature modes for storing a range of ingredients from meat to fish and fruits and vegetables.

There are triple temperature zones in the wine cellar so you can store all your different wines at their precise temperature.

Naturally, the SmartThings app can help with the SmartThings smart wine storage management and can sort and store wine and offer details on the best storage conditions.

And when combined with SmartThings cooking, it will also help you find the perfect food to pair with your wine.

Infinite Refrigerator is also energy efficient and has an AI energy mode that analyses usage patterns and other factors to optimise the settings and help save on power.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas with support from Samsung, LG, Hisense and ASUS.