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LG Signature Wine Cellar stores your wine, champagne and cheese at the perfect temperatures


LG has unveiled its new LG signature wine cellar – a specially-designed refrigerator that creates the optimal conditions to store any variety or vintage of wines.

The LG Signature Wine Cellar is 70cm wide, 1.79m tall and 79.3cm deep and features multi-temperature and humidity control with room to store up to 65 bottles of wine.

It has a sleek, seamless scratch resistant metal frame structure with a glass door to showcase your wine collection.

An LG study found that most Australians (90.4 per cent) do not have much expertise when it comes to properly storing wine.

The solution is the LG Signature Wine Cellar which is aimed at the Australian customer who is both an avid entertainer and wine aficionado so they can preserve and store their favourite wines.

The unit also includes a special drawer to store foods including cheese and snacks.

The LG Signature Wine Cellar will be available in January 2021 and will be priced at $8,999.

“At LG Australia we have been facilitating luxury living in the home through our LG Signature product range since 2017,” said Gemma Lemieux, Marketing Director at LG Electronics Australia.

“We are pleased to introduce the Wine Cellar to this product category to further enrich everyday lifestyles and support the growing trend of entertaining at home.

“After the challenging year we’ve had, from drought to bushfires and now COVID-19, our study found that over three-quarters (77.7 per cent) of Australians are now more likely to support Australian wineries over their international equivalents.”

According to Wine Australia, we spent more than $3.5 billion on wine last year and, despite COVID-19, off-premise sales increased by 6 per cent this year despite the impacts on international exports and limited in store sales.

But an LG study found that close to three in four Australians (72.7 per cent) preferred to purchase their wine in-store rather than online.

The LG Signature Wine Cellar has customizable options to cater for a user’s specific needs and can also maintain optimal temperatures for storing red and white wines and champagne.

Different types of wines can be stored at the same time and without affecting the other bottles in the fridge.

Users can set different temperatures for different shelves depending on the type of wine being stored.

The Wine Cellar helps preserve the wine flavour and label quality with its humidity control to keep the air inside at the ideal level.

LG’s vibration control can also help safeguard the flavour and characteristics of the wine.

The Auto Open Door feature makes it possible to open the door hands-free simply by stepping on the light projected on the floor.

This action will trigger the door to open on its own.

With the Triple Pane Black Mirror coated glass door exposure to light has been limited for the preservation of your wine collection.

This shields the stored bottles against heat and ultraviolet light to ensure the wine’s flavour is locked in and protected.

And with just two quick knocks the window becomes transparent to reveal the wines inside without having to open the door.

This also reduces the loss of cold air to help keep the wine under the desired conditions.

The convertible draw is customizable and can be used to store cheese, cold cuts and meats for a BBQ using the fridge’s precise temperature control.

The draw also lifts automatically at the press of a button so it’s easier to access the food and drinks inside.

The LG Signature Wine Cellar will be priced at $8,999 and will go on sale in January 2021.