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How Can I Lower My Electricity Bill?

It would sure be nice if you and everyone else didn’t have to worry about weathering a continual stream of electric bills. You might finally find yourself in a comfortable financial situation where you’re even able to show your “nest egg” some love when you suddenly get slammed with a particularly monstrous electric bill.

The reality is that it takes a little bit of strategizing to ensure that you’re able to get the lowest price possible on your monthly electric bill. The good news is that we’ve taken the time to round up a collection of helpful and easily adoptable strategies that you can put into motion to cut down on the cost of your electricity.

1. Optimize your fridge and freezer temperatures.


Unfortunately, far too many of us end up unknowingly having our fridges and freezers set up at temperatures that are far lower than they actually need to be to keep the food fresh. You should go ahead and make sure that your fridge is set to 38 degrees, and that your freezer is locked in for between zero and five degrees. These temperatures are just cold enough to keep your food nice and fresh, without burning unnecessary energy.

2. Cut down on your time in the shower.

You’re certainly not alone if you’re someone who enjoys your time in a soothing, generally therapeutic, warm shower. The thing about this is that warm showers do a dangerously effective job at using up energy in your household. So, try shaving a couple of minutes off your average shower time. You might even explore a cold shower regimen. Cold showers continue to garner praise from the health and wellness community for their ability to improve circulation, elevate mood, and even help offset the negative effects of living with mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. Plus, you won’t want to stay in a cold shower as long as you would a warm shower.

3. Set up an energy audit.

Energy suppliers have been known to offer energy audits. Sometimes, they’ll even offer these for free. This can be an effective way for you to compare electricity. You might come to find that your particular utility company isn’t offering you the kind of rates that are reasonable for the amount of electricity that you’re using in your home. Plus, you’ll be able to work together to identify additional ways that you can cut back on the energy usage in your home.

4. Fix up those leaky faucets.

Not only is it innately irritable to hear the incessant drippings of a faucet that just insists on telling you its sob story, but the leaky faucet is also wasting a ton of water. Now more than ever is a time that all of us would do well to be extra mindful of how much water we’re using. The last thing you want to do is to contribute toward any kind of water shortage on this planet in the future.

5. Replace your most commonly used lightbulbs.

You stand to save as much as $75 by swapping out the bulbs of at least five of the busiest light fixtures in your home. Just make sure that you swap them out with compact fluorescent or LED bulbs that are sporting that wonderful Energy Star logo.

Just like that, we’ve provided a quick and intuitive rundown on ways that you can proactively cut down on your next electricity bill. The fact of the matter is that you’re already ahead of the game just by taking the time to read through these tips. Now, simply put these tips into practice, and start saving that money.