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Dyson answers the call to design a new ventilator for coronavirus patients in just 10 days

Dyson has answered the call from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to design and build a new ventilator in just 10 days to help patients who have been stuck down by the coronavirus.

The result is CoVent a new ventilator designed in partnership with TTP (The Technology Partnership) which meets clinician-led specifications to address the needs of COVID-19 patients.

Usually known for its vacuum, fans and air purifiers, Dyson met the request to create a ventilator that was safe, effective and efficient in conserving oxygen, portable, easy to use and that can bed-mounted and not requiring a fixed air supply.

The company redirected its resources and engineering teams to design and build the ventilator – a remarkable feat.

Now the unit will go into production with an initial order of 10,000 from the UK Government and Dyson is looking to make it available around the world.

Dyson is also donating 5,000 units with 1,000 held over for UK patients

The battery-operated device is portable and can be used anywhere including field hospitals and when the patient is being transported.

The device is powered by the proprietary Dyson digital motor which is at the heart of the bulk of the company’s products.

For the CoVent ventilator, the Dyson digital motor was re-engineered to meet the specific requirements of the machine.

Also built into the unit is the Dyson air purifying technology which offers high quality filtration at high volume.

“Hospitals are the frontline in the war against Covid-19, where heroic doctors, nurses, and care workers are battling to save lives and help people recover from this terrible virus,” says Sir James Dyson.

“As with any battle, there are many challenges to overcome, not least the availability of essential equipment which in this case means ventilators. A ventilator supports a patient who is no longer able to maintain their own airways but sadly there is currently a significant shortage, both in the UK and other countries around the world.

“Since I received a call from Boris Johnson ten days ago, we have refocused resources at Dyson, and worked with TTP, The Technology Partnership, to design and build an entirely new ventilator, The CoVent.

“This new device can be manufactured quickly, efficiently and at volume. It is designed to address the specific clinical needs of Covid-19 patients, and it is suited to a variety of clinical settings.

“The core challenge was how to design and deliver a new, sophisticated medical product in volume and in an extremely short space of time. The race is now on to get it into production.

“Ventilators are a regulated product so Dyson and TTP will be working with the MHRA and the Government to ensure that the product and the manufacturing process is approved.

“I am proud of what Dyson engineers and our partners at TTP have achieved. I am eager to see this new device in production and in hospitals as soon as possible. This is clearly a time of grave international crisis, I will therefore donate 5,000 units to the international effort, 1,000 of which will go to the United Kingdom.”