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De’Longhi unveils La Specialista Prestigio coffee machine for stay-at-home baristas

De’Longhi has unveiled the new La Specialista Prestigio coffee machine that brings both the science of coffee making and combines it with the barista’s craftsmanship.

Following last year’s launch of La Specialista Maestro, De’Longhi has introduced the La Specialista Prestigio which is the result of thousands of hours of fine tuning to come up with a product that will allow users to produce coffee and hone their craft at home.

This is not a completely automatic coffee machine and requires more of a hands-on approach for customers who enjoy the coffee-making process.

Onboard is active temperature control as well as three automatic one touch recipes – espresso, coffee and long black.

The La Specialista Prestigio offers a stylish and sleek design which looks like it belongs in any kitchen.

La Specialista Prestigio includes innovative machine technology that is exclusive to De’Longhi Australia, including:

– Sensor Grinding Technology – there are eight grinding levels to provide precision control and grinding variability. Level 1 provides the finest grind setting, and level 8 the coarsest. Because of each blend of coffee beans’ uniqueness, grind settings have been created to maximise the chosen coffee beans aroma.

– Active Temperature Control – There are three infusion temperature settings, between 90° and 96°C, to accommodate different coffee bean varieties. Throughout the brewing process, the water temperature is precisely controlled, ensuring temperature stability and extraction consistency.

Smart Tamping Station – With an innovative tamping lever, La Specialista Prestigio’s Smart tamping Station allows you to achieve consistent tamping pressure and avoid the mess of coffee grounds on the kitchen bench.

Three Automatic One Touch Recipes – La Specialista Prestigio comes with three one-touch coffee recipes. Choose from Espresso, Coffee and Long Black.

– Dynamic Pre-Infusion – Dynamic Pre-Infusion improves coffee extraction by adapting the pre-infusion length to the density of the coffee dose. This process ensures an evenly distributed cover of water across the surface area of the coffee grounds.

Manual Milk Solution – La Specialista Prestigio’s My LatteArt steam wand provides a creative outlet for all coffee lovers. Create silky-smooth textured microfoam and craft your own signature latte art.

La Specialista Prestigio, De’Longhi is available in Matt Black and Metal and the La Specialista Maestro is now also available in Matt Black.

La Specialista Prestigio is available now and is priced at $1,149. La Specialista Maestro (in Matt Black and Metal) is also still available and is priced at $2,199 from all major electrical retailer outlets.