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Caffeine Connoisseur: An Australian Guide to Achieving the Perfect Coffee

Australia is renowned for its talented baristas and extraordinary coffee. Wherever you go, you’ll find an artisanal coffee shop in a corner that won’t disappoint you. From world-famous cafes such as Proud Mary in Melbourne and Monday’s Coffee Store in Adelaide, you can be sure that the perfect cup of joe is just a short distance away.

Today, we have a look at an Australian guide to achieving the perfect coffee. Read on to find out more.

  1. Start With The Right Tools
    Brewing the perfect cup of coffee requires the right tools. This is why investing in a quality coffee machine is essential in the chase for the perfect cup of joe. Whether you are looking at coffee machines in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, we always recommend that you go to a specialty store which focuses on coffee machines alone. The perfect coffee machine is one that is sturdy and will pass the test of time. We highly recommend automatic espresso machines for those who are looking to splash out. If you’re a little wary about budget, cheaper alternatives include pod or capsule coffee machines which can be purchased for under $200.
  2. Invest in Quality Beans
    Coffee is made from one sole ingredient – coffee beans. This is why ensuring that you have the highest quality coffee beans is first and foremost if you’re looking to brew and out of this world cup of joe. We always recommend purchasing whole beans that come with a roast date, roaster identity and origin. If you’re looking to go one step further, you could even roast your own coffee beans at home. Some excellent options for coffee beans include Peaberry Beans from Tanzania and Dark Roast Sumatra Beans from Indonesia.
  3. Use The Correct Grind
    When it comes to coffee grind, there is no universal, one size fits all option. In fact, every brewing method requires a grind of its own. When looking to achieve the perfect cup of coffee, it is essential that you use the correct grind for your brewing method. Grinding incorrectly can result in a mediocre cup of coffee. It is also important that you invest in a quality coffee grinder if your coffee machine doesn’t already come with a grinding function. Pre-ground coffee beans absolutely pale in comparison to freshly ground coffee beans, so take some time and research into the best grind for your application.
  4. The Temperature of Your Water is Key
    When brewing coffee, ensuring that you achieve the perfect water temperature is essential. Too hot and you will burn your coffee beans, resulting in a bitter aftertaste that you’ve probably experienced at a cheap coffee shop. Too cold and your coffee will taste sour, watered down and weak. The ideal temperature for the perfect cup of coffee ranges between 90-95 degrees Celsius – just under boiling point. We recommend starting off at 93 degrees and using a thermometer to ensure accuracy. Alternatively, high-end coffee machines will do the job for you and always ensure the perfect cup.
  5. Brew For The Perfect Amount of Time
    Lastly, ensuring you have the perfect cup of coffee comes down to brewing for the perfect amount of time. Automatic coffee machines will take this hassle away from you, but if you’re brewing manually with a french press, knowing how long to brew your coffee is essential. The larger your coffee grounds, the more amount of time you will need to brew. A rough estimate with manual brewing is to start with 4 minutes or so and then adjust according to your preference.


And there you have it – all the tips, tricks and steps it takes to brew a cup of coffee that any Australian coffee connoisseur would be proud of. We hope that you have found this article insightful and that you have been inspired to perfect your coffee crafting art.