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5 tips to keep yourself cooking when life gets busy

Finding balance in your life can be difficult; even when you do everything right, external factors can throw you out of sync. Nowhere is this truer than in the kitchen, where cooking a variety of nutritious and appetising meals can be a lot easier said than done during the busy periods of your life.

Perhaps the best solution is to switch over to simple, nutritious and yummy recipes made from pre-portioned ingredients delivered straight to your door. Services like this make home cooking more convenient than ever as they eliminate the need for you to go grocery shopping and come attached with simplified preparation instructions.

Whether you’ve just started a new job, are taking care of a toddler or are going through a home renovation; there are plenty of things that can make you feel like you’re too busy to cook. The truth is that you’re never too busy to cook, you just need to take a few simple steps to make home cooking more convenient for you.

Let’s take a look at 5 tips to keep enjoying home cooking when life gets busier for you.

1.   Set aside a specific time to start cooking

Scheduling important tasks by setting a specific time to get them done is going to make you far more likely to see them through. Rather than simply saying “I’ll start cooking when I get home tonight”, establish a concrete time in the evening and let others know about it.

Doing this will mean that you’ll be able to avoid interruptions and stay focused   as others will know ahead of time when you’re going to be busy in the kitchen. Also, because you’ve set a specific time for cooking you can complete other tasks outside of that time without having the nagging feeling that you should be in the kitchen.

2.   Plan meals and do prep work ahead of time

A big time saver that makes home cooking much more convenient is to simply plan what you’re going to cook for the week in one sitting. This allows you to know exactly what ingredients you need to buy and means you won’t have to rush to think of something to make when you get into the kitchen after a long day.

This also allows you to maximise your use of prep time so that you can make cooking the rest of the week’s meals a lot faster. For example, if you’re chopping up veg for one meal that you know you will need later in the week for another meal, chop enough for both. Your future self will thank you for the added effort.

3.   Use the right appliances

New smart kitchen appliances can make cooking a lot more efficient, as well as taking the stress out of your meal preparation. If you eat the same meals quite regularly (say, your favourite roast chicken) then smart appliances can even remember the heating times and temperatures required!

Even if you don’t go in for high-tech ovens and microwaves, new whitegoods can also help you to cook more easily, and help you stop having to compensate for the quirks of older appliances.

4.   Get your kitchen organised

A huge time saver is to keep your kitchen organised so that you don’t need to waste time with last minute cleaning or trying to find a certain utensil under pressure. Make time to do a thorough clean-up of everything and perhaps invest in hooks or other convenient storage options that give you better, faster access to cooking equipment.

This also means clearing your countertops of junk and making sure your dishes are washed and packed away in their cupboards. A clean and neatly organised kitchen not only saves you time while cooking but makes you more motivated to start cooking in the first place.

5.   Eat leftovers for the rest of the week

This is an old tip but worth mentioning because it really works! By cooking enough food that you’ll have leftovers for the rest of the week, you can get the benefit of home cooking without needing to do it multiple nights in a row.

This also means that when your life is especially busy and things get in the way of cooking, you’ll have a backup dinner in the fridge ready to go. It also makes having a healthy lunch at work much easier.

Hopefully, with the above tips, you’ll be able to keep up your home cooking and enjoy its benefits even when life gets a little more hectic than usual.