Modern technology gives us many things.

Apple’s HomePod can now stream your favourite ABC radio stations


Apple’s new HomePod smart speaker has learned some new abilities with users now able to access and live stream numerous ABC radio stations just by asking Siri.

HomePod naturally works incredibly well with Apple Music when requesting songs, artists, playlists and various types of music.

And it also sounds amazing as well thanks to the onboard technology that optimises the audio quality based on where it is positioned in the room.


You can also ask HomePod to play podcasts and listen to radio stations.

Now ABC radio stations, including Radio National and Triple J, can be heard through HomePod.

All you need to say is:

“Hey Siri, Play Radio National”
“Hey Siri, Play triple j radio”
“Hey Siri, Play ABC Grandstand radio”
“Hey Siri, Play ABC Classic radio”
“Hey Siri, Play ABC Radio Sydney”
“Hey Siri, Play ABC Radio Melbourne”
“Hey Siri, Play ABC Radio Brisbane”
“Hey Siri, Play ABC Radio Perth”
“Hey Siri, Play ABC Radio Adelaide”
“Hey Siri, Play ABC Radio Canberra”
“Hey Siri, Play ABC Radio Darwin”
“Hey Siri, Play ABC Radio Hobart”


When it comes to playing music with Apple Music you can ask Siri for artists, songs, best of the week and certain types of music for what you want to do.

For example, you can ask Siri for the best workout songs from the 80s.

You can also find out the latest news, weather, sports news, set a time and the nearest places to eat.

Around the home HomePod is also pretty handy and can control HomeKit compatible products like lights, appliances, doors, garage doors, thermostats and shades.

Apple’s HomePod is available now in either black or white and is priced at $499.