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Apple kicks of iOS 8.3 beta testing program for iPhone and iPad users


For the first time Apple is offering its users early access to iOS 8.3 in a new beta program to allow iPhone and iPad customers to provide early feedback and shape the final version of the operating system.

The program is similar to the OS X Yosemite beta that attracted more than a million participants.

In the same way, the iOS 8.3 beta program gives these users an early look at the new features and a chance to easily report any bugs or other issues.

The new features onboard iOS 8.3 include improved performance, a redesigned emoji keyboard and additional language and country support for Siri.

iOS 8.3 will also include Message filtering to sort your texts into a list received from contacts and those who are not in your address book.

Users who are considering joining the trial should back up their device before installing the test version.

Apple says the iOS 8.3 is still in development and some applications and services may not be working as they normally would.

You can sign up to the iOS 8.3 beta program here.