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ALDImobile to offer yearly mobile plan with a data allowance to use when you want


If you’re sick of paying your mobile every month, there a new option from ALDImobile that lets customers buy a Super Pack that will last for an entire year and include a massive data allowance.

Available from February 4, the Super Pack is available from ALDI stores and will offer 365 days of credit.

The Super Pack will be priced at $249 and comes with 42GB of data to use however you want without a monthly limit.

According to Australian Government website MoneySmart, the average Australian spends $15 a week on their mobile phone which adds up to $780 for the year.

With the ALDImobile Super Pack at just $249 for 12 months, users can see quite a saving even if they go out and spend a few hundred dollars on a smartphone.

The 42GB data allowance, for use only in Australia, is the equivalent of 3.5GB per month but customers are not limited to the amount of data they can use per month.

It’s possible to use 10GB in one month, for example, and only 2GB the next month.

And if you run out of data before the plan expires you can purchase 2GB data add-on packs for $15 each.

Users can also add features at additional cost for international calling and international roaming.

ALDImobile uses Telstra 3G and 4G network and this 365-day Super Pack plan includes unlimited standard national calls and text messages.

Customers who purchase the ALDImobile Super Pack at an ALDI store will find a SIM card and a voucher code to activate the plan.

Users switching to ALDImobile can port their number from their previous provider.

You can find out more information by visiting