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Alcatel unveils a new logo and latest smartphone range led by the Idol 4

Alcatel OneTouch has unveiled a new logo along with an exciting new range of smartphones including the Idol 4 at the annual Mobile World Congress which has just kicked off in Barcelona.

Now simply known as Alcatel and with an eye-catching new logo, the company’s line up of new devices is lead by hero device the Idol 4 which has a range of remarkable new features.

Alcatel took the opportunity to launch its new branding in Barcelona where the world mobile phone and network community gather every year.

Alcatel will continue to focus on producing high quality devices at an affordable price.


The new Alcatel Idol 4 (5.2-inch display) and Idol 4S (5.5-inch 2K AMOLED display) are just 6.9mm thick and retain their reversibility feature that makes the screen correct itself the right way up no matter how you hold it.

The same feature applies to the built-in front stereo speakers which automatically assign themselves to left and right no matter how the device is held.

The new Alcatel logo
The new Alcatel logo

But the biggest new feature is the Boom key – a programmable button that allows users to enhance or “Boom- ify” their experience.

When used with the camera, the Boom key lets you take photos in standby mode,  shuffle photos in your Gallery, generate effects in your videos, adjust the sound quality to your taste, amps up game play and creates a 3D effect for the launcher.

Under the hood of the Idol 4 is the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 617 processor with the IDOL 4S featuring the Snapdragon 652 which provide excellent performance to running multiple apps at once and for playing intense games.



The Idol 4S packaging can also transform into a pair of virtual reality goggles which uses the devices as the screen.

The Idol 4 and Idol 4S will be offered with four different metal frames – gold, dark gray, rose gold and metal silver.


“The Alcatel brand is synonymous with delivering both quality and value, that’s what we’ve worked hard to build our success on in the Pacific region over the last decade”, said Sam Skontos, Regional Managing Director at ALCATEL, Australia and Pacific.

“The Idol 4 is best value in its class, it has a premium look and feel, the specs are impressive and when it launches downunder, the price tag will be a welcome surprise.

“In 2016, our mission to deliver stylish, high quality products to Australians without the hefty price-tag remains as strong as ever and our showcase at Mobile World Congress epitomises just that.”


Other Alcatel announcements included:

* POP 4 series which have collection of colors and styles, and optional technology upgrades

* PIXI 4 series that offer a comprehensive and reliable user experience at an affordable price.

* PLUS 10  whichthe brand’s first connected 2-in-1 Windows device for unbeatable productivity on the move.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Barcelona as a guest of Samsung