Modern technology gives us many things.

Zagg Pocket Keyboard makes typing on your smartphone a lot easier

Our smartphones are quite capable computing devices but they’re not designed for us to type out long emails and documents unless you have a product like the Zagg Pocket Keyboard.

The Bluetooth keyboard folds up into a compact size that’s small enough to fit into a jacket pocket or bag.

When it’s folded the device measures 22.35cm long, 5.4cm wide and 1.45cm thick. It weighs just 194g.

And when it’s unfolded the Pocket Keyboard is 85 per cent the size of a full size keyboard.


It has good size keys that are big enough for comfortable typing so you can get through those longer messages and documents quickly and easily.

It will work with the iPhone and iPad along with Android smartphones and tablets.

When the Zagg Pocket Keyboard is unfolded it automatically switches on.

Pairing it to your device is simple and there is another step where the user has to specify whether they are connecting an Apple or Android device.

Once connected, any app on your smartphone or tablet that allows for text entry can be used with the Zagg Pocket Keyboard.


It has a small fold out rail to hold your device in place and a built-in kick stand that folds out from the rear to hold your smartphone or tablet at the right angle.

Also onboard is a lithium ion battery that can be charged through the microUSB port on the right edge of the product.

We found the keyboard to be accurate and useful whenever we were out and about and wanted to write a lengthy document.

In fact, this very review you’re reading right now, was typed on my iPhone 6 Plus using the Zagg Pocket Keyboard.

We also connected an iPad and Android smartphone to the keyboard and experienced the same results.

What it doesn’t have – because it has to cater for iOS and Android users – are specific keys to suit either platform.


But this wasn’t a concern because we could simply touch the screen or hit the physical home button of the device we were paired with.

Our only issue was the Pocket Keyboard didn’t always remember our paired device and we had to go through the pairing process again.

When you’re done typing it’s simply a matter of folding the keyboard up again. There are even magnets to hold it in place in the closed position and turn it off.

It also has a solid construction and metal outer surfaces so it is durable enough to use everyday.


The Zagg Pocket Keyboard will make you look at your smartphone and tablet in a different way and allow you to be even more productive or type out that urgent email at a moment’s notice.

Zagg Pocket Keyboard

Price: $99.95