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Jabra releases Halo Smart earphones to handle your music and calls on the go

Jabra has released the Halo Smart wireless intelligent stereo earphones that are designed to be used on the move by busy people so they can easily switch between their music and calls.

The earphones have a neck band style which means they are comfortable to wear all day with the earbuds always within reach when you need them.

And while they offer impressive sound quality, they also have higher quality when it comes to calls thanks to high quality microphones and wind noise protection so you can be heard clearly even in noisy environments.

According to a Jabra-commissioned survey by Lindbergh Research, 79 per cent of users want one set of headphones for both calls and music. Yet most find the call quality on most music-centric headphones below par.


With the Jabra Halo Smart, you can accept a call by separating the two earbuds as they rest around your neck and just use one earbud for calls and both for listening to music.

A subtle vibration in the neck band lets users know there is a call coming in.

Users can also access Siri or Google Now for voice commands through a dedicated button on the device.


Android users can also have their calendars, notifications, emails, text messages and social media messages read out to them through the Jabra Halo Smart.

On the audio side, the earphones have solid credentials thanks to the built-in 10mm speakers in each earbud.

But a wireless pair of earphones live and dies on the strength of its battery. Luckily for the Jabra Smart Halo, it has a 230mAh battery built into the back of the neck band.


On one complete charge, you can expect 15 hours of music listening time and 17 hours of talk time.

Jabra’s Assist app can also track your battery usage and provide alerts when the battery is getting low and needs charging.

The Jabra Halo Smart wireless earphones will be available from mid-July in impact red, electric blue and black. They are priced at $129.95 ($NZD139.95).