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HP releases new-line up of sustainable Smart Tank printers with a healthy supply of ink

The range of HP Tank printers has been extended with the new sustainable Smart Tank portfolio that does away with costly ink cartridges and includes a healthy supply of inks that could last for years.

The new HP Smart Tank printers, designed to meet the everyday needs of home users, includes 45 per cent post-consumer recycled materials.

The ink jet printers of the past were expensive and would need to be replaced a few times per year.

And because the print head is part of the cartridge, they can be quite expensive. It’s like getting a new engine for your car every time you get an oil change.

The HP Smart Tank printers have individual reservoirs for each colour with no waste and each ink bottle has a special spill-free cap and is also fully-recyclable.

The new printers are made of recycled materials also have EPEAT Silver and Energy Star certifications.

Users can enjoy a host of extra features as well as full control with the HP Smart App for printing, scanning and copying.

The app also lets you scan documents you’d like to print simply by taking a photo of the page.

The HP Smart Tank printer also has ink sensors so you can keep an eye on the ink levels through the app or you can just eyeball the levels of the tanks which can be seen on the front of the unit.

These printers are more expensive than regular printers, but you have to remember they come with all the ink you’ll need for some time.

With that in mind, the printer will pay itself off in the first year because you no longer need to buy expensive inkjet cartridges.

The HP Smart Tank series includes four models:

– HP Smart Tank 5105 – available from $399 at Officeworks

– HP Smart Tank 7005 – available from $539 at

– HP Smart Tank 7305 -available from $599 at

– HP Smart Tank 7605 – available from $659 at Harvey Norman