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Aura can scan documents, photos and books and doubles as a desk lamp


Scanning documents, books and photographs can be a time-consuming process using a flatbed scanner but the new Aura smart scanner by Czur has just changed all of that.

For a start, Aura is not just another flatbed scanner – it looks nothing like it.

The device looks more like a lamp than a scanner and has a solid unibody aluminium construction and a stylish metallic finish.

In fact, when not being used for scanning Aura can also be used as a smart multifunction desk lamp.

The Aura scanner arm unfolds and locks into place so the camera and smart lamp are aimed down at the desktop.

On the design side it has a minimal look with just a single knob which can be used to turn the device on and off as well as toggle between scanning and lamp modes.

There is also a recessed plug and cable interface to avoid cable clutter and provide a clean look to your desktop.

To scan a document, photograph or book uses simply place the item on the desk on the included leather desk pad which is good enough to remain on your desk at all times to provide a comfortable working surface that will also work well if using a computer mouse.

Naturally, Aura can scan flat pages, photographs and other documents with ease.

But it’s the ability to scan books that sets the Aura apart.

Trying to get a flat scan of a book is nearly impossible even on the best flatbed scanner.

But the Aura uses proprietary book curve flattening technology to not only provide a sharp and accurate image but also to straighten the scan as well.

It does this by using three precise laser lines which provide incredible scanning accuracy.

This allows Aura to scan and exactly replicate each individual flat page despite being inside a curved book.

Aura, which is powered by a 32 bit MIPS processor, uses a 14 megapixel camera with a 1 / 2.3-inch CMOS sensor to capture remarkably sharp scans.

And not only is the Aura accurate, it’s fast as well and takes just two seconds to scan both single sheets and double page books.

This means you can easily scan multiple documents and even an entire book in no time.

To further increase the efficiency, the on-board software is also intelligent enough to detect a page turn when scanning a book to trigger the next scan.

There is even an included foot pedal which can also be used to trigger the scan to keep your hands free while turning pages in a book or adjusting documents.

The device can scan up to A3 in size for single sheets as well as scan anything from documents, contracts, drawings, notes, newspapers, photos and books.

Also on board is AI OCR (optical character recognition) which can turn scanned documents into editable Word, Excel or PDF formats. And it supports more than 180 languages.

On top of the scanning arm is a two edge viewing screen which allows users to preview in real time what is about to be scanned.

This is a handy tool for users to see exactly what is being scanned so you make less errors and reduce the need to rescan a document.

Aura also comes with intuitive software which has auto colour optimisation and other professional photo editing features including reducing image noise and adjusting contrast and colour tone.

It’s also easy to combine all images into one PDF document.

Remember when we said, Aura looks like a lamp.

Well, it can be used as a lamp as well and not just any old desk lamp either.

Aura has professional light settings to prevent eye fatigue by using its 32 low power consumption non-flickering LEDs.

There are four colour modes for both office and family use along with six brightness levels.

The four modes include natural light mode, reading light mode, computer mode and smart lighting mode for night use. And these can all be controlled using the Aura app.

There is even an intuitive night mode which reacts to sound.

If it does detect noise it will gradually brighten according to the sound levels in the room. When the noise dies down, the light will also automatically dim.

The Aura scanner and lamp is one of those products you could use every day.

It’s remarkable technology offers quality and convenience which is literally at your fingertips.

The Aura scanner is available now from and priced at $US299.