Modern technology gives us many things.

And that’s a wrap from the Two Blokes Talking Tech at CES in Las Vegas

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show has come to an end and the Two Blokes Talking Tech, Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech and EFTM’s Trevor Long, wrapped things up with their final podcast in Las Vegas.

On today’s show, Episode 238.4, the blokes talk about Netgear’s new products, the new devices that should have been on the GoPro stand, the sheer number of drones and VR products at CES, the DXO One add-on camera for your iPhone, the Wonder Woof dog tracker, the Force Band for Sphero’s BB8, Lego 2.0, Kodak unveiled a 4K camera and the Love Handle for your smartphone.

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 * Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of LG