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Choose the right size TV for your room



Apart from getting a lot slimmer the latest TVs are also getting wider. The square box has been replaced with a widescreen display which has an aspect ratio of 16:9.

For the many viewers who are looking to replace their old tube TV or perhaps buy a second flatscreen for another room, one of the many questions being asked is just how big or small should the panel be to suit the room and assure comfortable viewing.

The first thing you need to do is establish how far it is between the screen and the couch – this is called the viewing distance.

This viewing distance can be used to determine the ideal screen size for your room.

The general rule of thumb is having screen size that’s equal to about a third of the viewing distance.

For example if you’re sitting about 3m away you’d be able to comfortable watch a screen that 106cm (42-inch) or even 126cm (50-inch).

There are no rules in concrete about this but it all comes down to what you’re comfortable with.

Others prefer to have a TV that nearly half the size of their viewing distance.

But the bottom line is comfort. You should be able to see the every corner of the TV without having to move your head or your neck.

A good idea would be to tape pieces of paper together to recreate the size of the TV you’re looking to buy. Stick the paper to the wall and this will give you a better idea of what to expect when you buy the real thing.

Screen height is also something to consider depending on whether the TV is going to sit on an entertainment unit or be mounted on the wall.

Again the TV should not be positioned so high that you have to crane your neck to see it like you’re in the front row at the cinema.

Another viewers need to check is the viewing angle in their room. The ideal position to watch a TV is obviously from directly in front but not all rooms are set up to provide this angle and some of the viewers may be viewing the TV in on angle.

Most of today’s flat screen TVs have excellent viewing angles – in other words – you can be sitting almost side on to the TV and still see the picture quite clearly.

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to check this out when you’re in the store considering your purchase.

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