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Google launches Indoor Live View for Sydney Airport to help you find your way using AR

Google Australia and Sydney Airport have partnered to launch Indoor Live View to make it easier for travellers to find their way around Australia’s largest airport.

Within Google Maps, Indoor Live View at Sydney airport uses augmented reality to recognise their location and get them to where they need to be whether it’s a gate or a lounge or even another terminal.

The new Indoor Live View can guide passengers from the train station to the correct check in counter all the way through to their gates, lounges, baggage carousels and dining facilities.

On your smartphone, you will see arrows and directions and distance markers superimposed on the camera’s view to help direct you wherever you need to go including the nearest restroom, an ATM and ticketing offices.

It’s also possible to select the wheelchair accessible preference to find the appropriate path for a wheelchair, pram and suitcases on wheels.

The technology is powered by a technology called global localization which scans billions of indoor Street View images and uses AI to work out the orientation and the help required.

“This is a win for our passengers, who will be the first in Australia to benefit from this incredible new AR technology from Google,” says Sydney Airport Senior Manager Business Systems, Belinda Scanlon.

“Whether travellers are looking for their gate, a bathroom or even a place to grab a bite to eat, they now have the directions they need at their fingertips.

“This is an especially great tool for travellers facing language barriers and accessibility needs, as it will help them navigate the airport more independently.”

Anthony Bertuca, Group Product Manager at Google Maps in Australia, said: “Google Australia is proud to partner with Sydney Airport to launch Indoor Live View at Australia’s largest airport.”

“This is a game-changer for people visiting Sydney Airport, as AR directions can help people have an enjoyable and smooth travel experience.

“It’s powered by a technology called global localisation, which uses AI to scan tens of billions of indoor Street View images to understand your orientation and provide assistance in real-time.”

How to use Google Maps Indoor Live View at Sydney Airport

– Searching for specific destinations inside the airport? Simply enter the query in the Google Maps search bar, select walking mode, and tap the Live View button.

– Searching for general airport amenities like gates and restrooms? Just enter “Sydney Airport” into the Google Maps search bar and click on the airport’s ‘Directory’ button to access various categories.

– Once you’ve identified the destination, click on the Live View button to begin real-time navigation guidance.