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Sony brings TVs and soundbars under Bravia banner for an immersive home theatre experience

Sony has expanded the Bravia brand to incorporate its TVs and sound bars and other home audio technologies to create a one stop destination for customers looking to enjoy a high quality home theatre experience.

The new Bravia line-up will include several TV models across four series along with the new Bravia Theatre home audio product range so you can enjoy the high audio visual quality at home.

“Building on the decades of operating at the heart of the professional film production equipment development as well as film production and distribution, Sony is in a unique position that allows it to utilise its unparalleled film industry, professional equipment, and consumer electronics experience with its pioneering Bravia TVs and Bravia Theatre home audio devices,” says Kei Tsuru, Head of Home Entertainment, Sony Australia.

“We’re excited to launch the new Bravia TV and Bravia Theatre home audio products that usher in new exciting features, elevating the way you can watch films at home to new heights.”


The new Sony Bravia TVs optimise colour, contrast and brightness to provide the ultimate home viewing environment.

The Bravia 9 Mini LED model has precise backlight control which helps distinguish even the smallest detail on the screen.

The TV is powered by the Sony XR processor which includes a scene recognition system that can detect and analyse what’s on the screen and optimise the picture for even higher realism.

Also on board is the XR Backlight Master Drive which uses a unique local dimming algorithm to precisely control the thousands of Mini LEDs to create stunning contrast to preserve shadow detail even in the most demanding scenes.

The new Bravia 9 is up to 50 per cent brighter than last year’s X95L model so it can be viewed in even the most open and brightest spaces in Australian homes.

It also features an X-Anti Reflection and X-Wide Angle which reduces glare and reflection caused by the sun or lights and preserves the pure blacks without distracting the viewer.

X-Wide Angle also ensures the picture still looks just as good from the sides as it does in the centre position.

On the audio side, the new Bravia TVs features Acoustic Multi-Audio+ to deliver precise cinematic surround sound.

The new Voice Zoom 3 can also distinguish voices using an AI algorithm and amplify or reduce its volume so it sounds clear.

This feature also works well with Sony’s Bravia Theatre home audio products.

The Acoustic Centre Sync integrates your sound system, such as a soundbar, with the TV so the sound matches what you see on the screen.

When the Bravia TVs and Bravia Theatre products are combined, the Acoustic Centre Sync function brings together the TV’s speakers with the soundbar to create the impression like the sound is coming directly from the TV screen.

The new Bravia 7 and Bravia 3 will be available in Australia from May 2024, while the new Bravia 9 and 8 will be available in Australia from July 2024.

Recommended retail price will be released later.

BRAVIA 9 Mini LED – Available in 85” & 75”

BRAVIA 8 OLED – Available in 77”, 65” & 55”

BRAVIA 7 Mini LED – Available in 85”, 75”, 65” & 55”

BRAVIA 3 LED – Available in 85”, 75”, 65”, 55”, 50” & 43”


Bravia Theatre home audio product line up takes the acoustics of a cinema and brings them to a localised sound field to provide viewers with an overwhelming sense of immersion.

Under the hood is 360 Spatial Sound Mapping which can generate phantom speakers in multiple location where there is no actual physical speaker including above and to the side.

This creates a 360-degree sound experience that’s optimised for any home setting with a wide sound field that surrounds you with audio and mirror a true cinema experience. The new Bravia Theatre Bar 9 and Bravia Theatre Bar 8 provide 360 Spatial Sound Mapping from a single soundbar.

The Bravia Theatre quad can also offer wider surround sound through four slim speakers.

The Bravia Theatre products have Sound Field Optimization which will automatically adjust and tune each speaker based on the shape of your room.

Bravia Theatre Bar 9, Bar 8 and Quad support industry standard audio including Dolby Atmos immersive audio and DTS:X and have IMAX enhanced certification.
The new BRAVIA Theatre Quad, Theatre Bar 9 & 8 and BRAVIA Theatre U will be available in Australia from July 2024.

BRAVIA Theatre Quad: $3,699.

Theatre Bar 9: $1,799.

Theatre Bar 8: $1,499.

BRAVIA Theatre U: $499.