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Tech Guide has arrived in Las Vegas for CES 2014


ces20133Tech Guide has just arrived in Las Vegas for the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show where the latest technology and products will be revealed.

It is here where all the major tech companies from around the world unveil the latest innovations which will be seen this year and beyond.

CES has been running since 1967 in New York and moved to Las Vegas in 1995.

Most of the most popular household products were first introduced at CES including the VCR (1970), Laserdisc (1974), Compact Disc player (1981), DVD (1996), High Definition TV (1998), Xbox (2001), plasma TV (2001), Blu-Ray Disc (2003), OLED TV (2008), 3D TV (2009) and Ultra HDTV (2013).

The 2014 CES is expected to focus on a number of areas including curved televisions, 4K and ultra high definition, flexible displays, wearable technology, wi-fi smart home products and in-car tech enhancements.

On the eve of CES is Press Day – a day where every major company holds its press conference to officially reveal what will be seen on its stand at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

There are more than 200,000 attendees at CES from around the world including a large media contingent.

Stay tuned to Tech Guide to read the latest news and announcements from CES everyday.

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