Sengled Pulse – the LED light bulb that’s also a Bluetooth speaker

Imagine if you could fit a speaker inside an LED light bulb? Well, imagine no more. That’s exactly what you get with the Sengled Pulse so you can position speakers in your home as easily as you can screw in a light bulb.

Each Pulse LED globe has 15W of power as a light and up to 30W as a speaker.

Once each bulb is positioned you can link wirelessly to the Master bulb via Bluetooth so there’s no tricky wi-fi set-up involved.

And once you’ve linked to that Sengled Pulse Master bulb, it can project to up to seven other Satellite bulbs to create a multi-room solution.

Inside each globe is a 1.75-inch full range high fidelity JBL loudspeaker that sounds incredible.

It will be the best light bulb you’ll ever hear!

The bulbs are compatible with regular screw-in or bayonet light fittings so you can turn any socket into a speaker whether it’s in your lounge, your bedroom or your entertaining area.

You can download the Sengled Pulse app for Android and iOS and then take it even further to control of both the lighting and the music.

Users can dim each of the Sengled Pulse bulbs as well as control the volume of your music and try different equaliser modes.

From the Pulse app you can also access your favourite music streaming services like Spotify, iTunes and Pandora.

It’s also possible to set up the bulbs in left and right stereo pairs.

The Sengled Pulse comes in a two pack with a Master and a Satellite bulb for $349 and you can purchase additional Satellite bulbs as you need them for $169 each.

You can buy them from