Logitech releases versatile Case+ and accessories for iPhone 5S

Logitech has released its new Case+ range to not only protect the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S but to also add functional accessories that can be used with them.

Case+ offers superior protection with a soft touch polycarbonate outer layer along with a metal plate that gives the product added protection.

Users can either buy Case+ with an included matching accessory – a tilt cover, a windscreen mount or battery pack – or buy the Case+ or an accessory separately.

This versatility means customers can add even more functionality and convenience to their iPhone without the need to change the case so the device is always protected.

The Case+ on its own is priced at $29.95 and is available in black or grey.

Case+ is also available with the +Energy battery pack ($119.95) or the +Energy on its own for $99.95. Case+Drive is $69.96 or just +Drive for $49.95. Case+Tilt is $49.95 or the +Tilt by itself in one of six colours for $19.95.

+Drive is a magnetic mount which can attach to the windscreen of your car.

There is a hinge in the mount that allows the user to position it at a comfortable angle and, because of the metal in the case, the iPhone is held securely in place with a magnet.

+Drive also comes with a universal adaptor – a small piece of thin metal that can fit inside any smartphone case – so any device can be attached to the mount’s magnet as well.

+Tilt is a small panel with segmented panels that can attach to the back of the Logitech Case+ until you’re ready to use it.

The +Tilt panel can be used as a stand for those times when you want to enjoy the content on your screen handsfree whether it’s to make a Facetime video call or to watch a YouTube video or movie.

+Tilt can also be used to wrap your earphones without tangling the cords.

+Energy, as its name suggests, is a battery pack that slips on to the back of the case when you need to recharge your iPhone.

And unlike other battery cases, you can easily remove the +Energy pack once you’ve finished charging so then all you’re carrying around is the Case+.

The Logitech Case+ range is available now.

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