Keyport Slide has reinvented the keyring

A new gadget called the Keyport Slide has reinvented the traditional keychain by consolidating keys and other useful items into a small unit.

About the size of a box of matches, the Keyport Slide can fit in six items – keys, USB flash drive, bottle opener and other items – and make them easily accessible. And it is not only compact – it is also lightweight.

A user simply slides the button above their key forward to make it lock into place so they can easily open or lock the door.

Once you’re done the key can be retracted back into the unit and clicks back into place.

The Keyport Slide can accommodate most types of keys including chipped auto keys and high security keys.

Customers who want to get “ported” simply head to a partner locksmith and match their existing keys to Keyport blades.

Of course these blades don’t have the larger heads of a regular key – which are there to loop them into a keyring – and can fit in any of the six slots available on the Keyport Slide.

Each button on the device has a different colour to make it easier to identify each key.

And once they’re onboard they never change positions so shuffling through keys on a keyring on your doorstep is a thing of the past.

But when you want to update or change a slide it is still easier than removing a key from a keyring.

But it’s not just keys you can include on the Keyport Slide. Users can opt for a light (which comes in handy when trying to open a lock in the dark), a USB flash drive and even a bottle opener.

It’s also possible to include barcodes from gym passes and other loyalty cards.

Users can also customise the side plates of the Keyport to their favourite colours, a logo or with text.

Now you can carry all of your keys around in your pocket without them digging into your leg, getting caught in clothes and scratching your mobile that might be in the same pocket.

There is a unique serial number on each Keyport Slide which can be registered on the Keyport website so if it’s lost it can be re-united with the owner.

The Keyport Slide is available in black, white or clear and will become available across Australia as more locksmiths join the program.

The Keyport Slide is priced at $45 with inserts and blades priced from $12 each.

For a list of other locksmiths in Australia stocking the Keyport Slide go to

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